Do you have brilliant research or creative projects completed for a course or school project? Are you a SUMRS scholar? Is there a research paper that you’re proud of and want to share? Did your Faculty Mentor suggest that your work is worthy of presentation/publication?  For Student Research Day 2018 submit your research , scholarly, and creative work to the Student Research Day Committee through the Journal of Student Research at Indiana University East  and possible publication in the journal's Fall 2018 edition. Submit your proposal now through March 15, 2018. See steps below:

Submission process for SRD 2018

1. Login/register

2. At USER HOME screen, select New Submission. Include the required form information and then the add following information in the ABSTRACT field of the submission form:

  • Your Academic Major
  • Project Advisor
  • Presentation type: Poster | Oral Presentation | Distance Presentation  | Other
  • T-Shirt Size: XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL

3. In the "Comments for the Editor" field  paste: SRD 2018

Thank you for your submission!