Aims and Scope
The Journal of Public and Environmental Affairs was established in order to promote equitable and sustainable progress toward greater public and environmental welfare through the written word by creating a forum for critical analysis, unique expertise, diverse perspectives, and pragmatic solutions to global public and environmental challenges. The Journal seeks to inform and influence policymakers, administrators, and scholars across the public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. It publishes timely, relevant, original, thought-provoking and solution-oriented pieces on public and environmental issues that demonstrate sound academic and professional merit.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must comply with the Journal’s Submission Guidelines. JPEA only accepts submissions that have not been previously published and are not pending concurrent submission to another publication. Research and analysis, literature reviews, book reviews, and replication studies are encouraged. Opinion editorials (Op Eds) are not accepted. All submissions must address implications and recommendations relevant to the public or environmental topic of the paper. This could include specific policy recommendations, identification of future related research opportunities, or how the submission enhances the available literature. No plagiarized work will be published, as defined by the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Review Process
JPEA employs a double-blind editorial process. Submissions are initially reviewed by three (3) Associate Editors. During this stage, Associate Editors receive non-binding advice and recommendations from members of the Journal’s Faculty Board of Advisors, who are experts in the field. Cumulative feedback and recommendations are delivered to the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Managing Editor, who then notify the author of the Journal’s decision regarding the submission, providing authors an opportunity for revision and resubmission in most cases.

Publication Schedule
All submissions accepted for publication will be published online, on a rolling basis. All submissions approved for publication will also be published in print, appearing in an Issue as directed by the Editor-in-Chief within no more than two (2) years from the time the piece is published online. The Journal aims to publish one such print Issue annually in May.

Open Access
This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Research Misconduct
The editors of the Journal of Public and Environmental Affairs will take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred, including plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data falsification/fabrication, among others. In the event that the editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct relating to a published article in their journal, the editor shall follow the Committee on Publication Ethic’s guidelines in dealing with allegations.