Emergency Management in Academia Converting Internships into Academic Capstone Courses Mid-Semester and Beyond

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Beau Shine
Sarah Heath


The COVID-19 pandemic created countless challenges in higher education at every level.  At the faculty level, one such challenge was how to convert applied internships into online academic capstone courses in the middle of the semester.  For programs that require their majors to complete internships as part of a graduation requirement, full-semester conversions were necessary, both for the Summer semester and in preparation for the possibility of no internships being offered in the Fall.  Such actions are in the best interest of all students, many of whom are taking the course during their senior year and run the risk of delaying their graduation absent these accommodations.  While on its surface these conversions may seem daunting, both internships and capstone courses share similarities that facilitate the process, including professional development and the integration and application of knowledge students have acquired over their academic careers.  This paper aims to serve as a resource for postsecondary educators in the conceptualization and implementation of these conversions.  The authors examine several important considerations, including creating new assignments to replace uncompleted internship hours, ensuring that mid-semester adjustments continue to meet course outcomes, communicating with students and internship providers to facilitate a seamless transition, and working with colleagues and university administrators to quickly build and approve a new capstone course for the Summer.


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Shine, B., & Heath, S. (2021). Emergency Management in Academia: Converting Internships into Academic Capstone Courses Mid-Semester and Beyond. Journal of Teaching and Learning With Technology, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.14434/jotlt.v10i1.31371
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