Published: 2014-10-20

The effects of implementing recitation activities on success rates in a college calculus course

Jeffrey Xavier Watt, Charles R. Feldhaus, Brandon H. Sorge, Grant A. Fore, Andrew D. Gavrin, Kathleen A. Marrs


“Who am I to bring diversity into the classroom?” Learning communities wrestle with creating inclusive college classrooms

Jennifer R Considine, Jennifer E Mihalick, Yoko R Mogi-Hein, Marguerite W Penick-Parks, Paul M Van Auken


Bridging theory to practice with classroom rounds

Connie L Bowman, Janet M Herrelko


Geological time, biological events and the learning transfer problem

Claudia C Johnson, Joan Middendorf, George Rehrey, Mehmet M Dalkilic, Keely Cassidy


Volume 14, Number 4

Editor Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning