Decoding Deviance with the Sons of Anarchy

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Joseph Kremer
Kristin A Cutler


This article explicates the ways that the popular television series Sons of Anarchy in conjunction with our content analysis coding tool can be used to teach theories and concepts central to Sociology of Deviance courses. We detail how students learned to understand deviance as a social constructed phenomenon by coding and analyzing the behaviors of their most liked and most hated Sons characters. Evidence extrapolated from students’ final projects, class discussions, and course evaluations suggests that this pedagogical technique creates a systematic teaching method enabling students to more actively engage in the course while enhancing connections to the course materials.


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Kremer, J., & Cutler, K. (2018). Decoding Deviance with the Sons of Anarchy. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 18(2), 90-104.