Making Time and Creating Space for Undergraduate Research

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Joy Myers Amanda G. Sawyer Katie Dredger Susan Barnes Reece Wilson


Working at a teaching intensive university, it is often challenging to balance the demands of teaching and research. It is even more difficult to incorporate undergraduate research into the mix, despite knowing the benefits of this practice, when that culture is not present in your particular program. This article offers insight into how one group of teacher educators embedded undergraduate research into an existing research project and the lessons the faculty and students learned along the way.

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Myers, J., Sawyer, A., Dredger, K., Barnes, S., & Wilson, R. (2018). Making Time and Creating Space for Undergraduate Research. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 18(1), 136-149.
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Joy Myers, James Madison University

Assistant ProfessorEarly, Elementary, and Reading Education 

Amanda G. Sawyer, James Madison University

Assistant Professor Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education 

Katie Dredger, James Madison University

Assistant Professor Early, Elementary and Reading Education 

Susan Barnes, James Madison University

Associate Professor Early, Elementary and Reading Education 

Reece Wilson, James Madison University

Early, Elementary and Reading Education