An ‘interteaching’ informed approach to instructing large undergraduate classes

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Alan Scoboria Antonio Pascual-Leone


A novel approach to teaching large undergraduate courses using methods derived from ‘interteaching’ was investigated. Students in two large sections of undergraduate abnormal psychology received preparation guides, and took part in in-class discussion sessions during which instructors circulated to answer questions. Following discussion, students completed interteaching reports, based upon which instructors prepared clarifying lectures. Regression analyses revealed significant positive associations between attendance at discussion sessions and course performance, after controlling for academic average and student motivation. Performance for writing assignments involving critical and analytical thinking was significantly higher than in prior offerings of the course. A majority of students expressed a preference for the instructional methods. This instructional approach thus facilitated effective learning and may be more effective than traditional lecture based practices.


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Scoboria, A., & Pascual-Leone, A. (2012). An ‘interteaching’ informed approach to instructing large undergraduate classes. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 9(3), 29-37. Retrieved from