Persistent Classroom Management Training Needs of Experienced Teachers

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Laura M. Stough Marcia L. Montague Leena Jo Landmark Kendra Williams-Diehm


Experienced special education teachers (n=62) were surveyed on their professional preparation to become effective classroom managers. Despite having received extensive preservice training, over 83% of the sample reported being underprepared in classroom management and behavioral interventions. No statistically significant difference was found with respect to the type of classroom management theoretical approach used to train these teachers. Of those (74.2%) who received classroom management training post-graduation, the majority (64%) reported needing still further training in dealing with student behavior. Specific training desired was in whole-class management strategies, as well as in managing behaviors of students with disabilities. Results suggest that teachers’ training needs in classroom management may persist throughout their professional careers, even following intensive preservice training.


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Stough, L., Montague, M., Landmark, L., & Williams-Diehm, K. (2015). Persistent Classroom Management Training Needs of Experienced Teachers. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 15(5), 36-48.