The authors who have contributed to this special issue offer a compelling range of strategies for diagnosing, theorizing, and addressing the social forces and controversial topics that feed polarization. The essays reflect neither a consensus of belief nor a singular methodological approach; in fact, at times they challenge each other’s assumptions and conclusions. We welcome such a rich variety of methodological and theoretical diversity in this issue, for no one method or theory will ever have a monopoly on wisdom, much less truth.

Henry Giroux, McMaster University Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest and Director of the McMaster Centre for Research in the Public Interest, places this issue in context. Lemuel Watson, Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs, Interim Vice Provost of Diversity and Inclusion, Senior Scientist at the Kinsey Institute, and Provost Professor of School of Education, emphasizes the need for this issue and highlights major themes.

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Stephen E. Rahko
Guest Editor
Indiana University Bloomington