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Call for Abstracts for 2021 Special Issue: Pedagogy of the Polarized


JoSoTL is requesting proposals for a special issue to be titled Pedagogy of the Polarized. The goal of the issue is to present an interdisciplinary dialogue about how college and university faculty can respond to the challenges posed by teaching democratic citizenship in an era of social unrest, inequality, and political polarization. The targeted audience for this issue is higher-education faculty, but topics may be beneficial to administrators and/or staff within offices focused on student engagement and success. This issue may include empirical research, case studies, reflective essays, and critiques.

Vol. 21 No. 1 (2021): Special Issue: Undergraduate Research

Published: 2021-05-03

Career Readiness Driven by Sequential CUREs

Patrick Killion, Ian Page, Alexis Boytim

Undergraduate Researchers: Mentees and Mentors

Jenni L. Redifer, Ph.D., Derick Strode, Ed.D., Cathleen Webb, Ph.D.

Tracking and Assessing Undergraduate Research Campus-wide: Demographics, Academic Success, and Post-Graduation Plans

Kimberly R Schneider, Aubrey Kuperman, Andre Watts, Danae Barulich, Tyler Campbell

Undergraduate Research Communities for Transfer Students

A Retention Model Based on Factors that Most Influence Student Success

Donna Chamely-Wiik, Evelyn Frazier, Daniel Meeroff, Jordan Merritt, William R Kwochka, Alison I Morrison-Shetlar, Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries, Kimberly R Schneider, Jodiene Johnson

Supporting Biomedical Research Training for Historically Underrepresented Undergraduates Using Interprofessional, Nonformal Education Structures

Lisa K. Marriott, Aaron Raz Link, Roberto P Anitori, Ernest A Blackwell, Andrea Blas, Jennifer Brock, Tracey K Burke, Julia A Burrows, Alexis P. Cabrera, Derek Helsham, Lorna B Liban, Marilyn R Mackiewicz, Mika Maruyama, Kathryn C.A. Milligan-Myhre, Perry J.C. Panelinan, Margaret Hattori-Uchima, Russell Reed, Ben E. Simon, Beylul Solomon, Alma M.O. Trinidad, Letisha R. Wyatt, Alonso Delgado Covarrubias, Adrienne Zell, Thomas E Keller, Cynthia Morris, Carlos J Crespo

Undergraduate Research as System

Mapping the Institutional Landscape of a High-Impact Practice

Laura E Cruz, Devon Anckle, Lara LaDage, Amy Chan Hilton, Alan Rieck

Creating More Inclusive Research Environments for Undergraduates

Heather Haeger, Corin White, Shantel Martinez, Selena Velasquez
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