Embracing Globalization: Deconstructing the Jargon Surrounding Higher Education

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Kiarra Boenitz


This op-ed explores the impact of globalization on higher education, highlighting the prevalence of jargon that often complicates understanding. The author emphasizes the importance of breaking down terms like “deregulation” and “homogenization” to clarify the nature and implications of globalization within academia. The piece argues that globalization in higher education involves increased interconnectedness, internationalization, and the flow of students, faculty, knowledge, and resources globally. The terms “deregulation” and “homogenization” are discussed, with the former referring to reduced government restrictions on institutions and the latter describing the trend toward uniform educational models worldwide. The op-ed stresses the need for discussions that demystify globalization concepts, asserting that embracing globalization is essential for preparing students for a global workforce, fostering cultural understanding, and addressing global challenges. The absence of globalization in higher education is identified as problematic, limiting exposure to diverse perspectives and hindering the development of a globally competent workforce. Ultimately, the piece advocates for informed discussions to equip higher education professionals in shaping the future of global education while preserving institutional values.


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