Examining the Representation of Mission Statements within Admissions Marketing Materials: An Indiana University-Bloomington Study

Robert Paul Bauer, Kathleen M. Dougherty, Alan D. Goodno, Sarah C. Hatch, Jennifer N. Nailos, Cameron Vakilian


Admissions offices are charged with the responsibility of informing, attracting, and recruiting prospective students to higher education institutions. This is often carried out through traditional recruitment methods consisting of messages sent through marketing materials. The text and photographs included in these marketing materials communicate a culture that exists within the institution and invites prospective students to become a member of the community. These materials can also convey the values and mission of an institution. In order to identify the connection between an institution’s values and their recruitment materials, this study examines the representation of mission statements within admissions marketing materials. Through an examination of the Indiana University-Bloomington Mission Statement, this study identifies five key themes: Research, academics, libraries and museums, meaningful experiences outside the classroom, and campus diversity, as well as two additional themes, athletics and campus beauty.

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