Many higher education institutions across the country have close ties with defense and military programs. Some institutions are in close proximity to military bases or installations, while others have extensive sponsored research relations with the military or the defense industry. This issue attempts to extend the base of knowledge on how higher education/military interactions influence human capital formation; research and innovation; and quality-of-place strategies that make communities attractive places to live, work, operate businesses, and raise families.

Submissions for Publication:

The special issue of the Journal encourages articles on new frameworks, theories, or concepts; data-driven research articles; program evaluations; qualitative or quantitative case studies that highlight or analyze the role played by institutions of higher education[1] and/or opinion pieces in:

  • DoD Office of Economic Adjustment and Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy programs
  • Technical assistance (e.g., MEP), entrepreneurial support, and workforce training for defense contractors
  • Military industrial regional alliances
  • Advancing research related to
    • defense supply chain mapping
    • defense and military economic impact
    • Sponsored research for the DOD and commercialization of defense related research
    • Education for military personnel and veterans¬†

Further information about submitting a manuscript, including author guidelines can be found under the 'ABOUT' tab of this website. Questions about potential submissions should be directed to Brian Richard, JEDHE Editor (

[1] For the purposes of this journal, institutions of higher education include community colleges, 4-year colleges, universities, consortiums of these types of entities, or affiliated institutions with an economic development mission, to include university-hosted Small Business Development Center, business incubators, business accelerators, research and technology parks, etc.