A C++ Program to Simulate the Performance of the St. George Recoil Mass Separator

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Gregory Warrell


The last fifty years have seen significant progress in the field of nuclear astrophysics, the study of nuclear reactions in stars and other cosmic phenomena. In the past several years, it has become possible to explore energies in the stellar energy range with a new device, the recoil mass separator. The St. George recoil mass separator currently under construction at the University of Notre Dame is poised to explore helium burning in stars, and later on to investigate hydrogen burning. Indiana University South Bend is working on a mass detector to be installed on the terminal end of St. George. In order to find the timing resolution required by the mass detector to give acceptable precision, a C++ program has been written to simulate fusion reactions at St. George. It has yielded results that will be compared against data collected during testing and the actual experimentation.


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