Visual Perception in Humans and Jumping Spiders A Comparative Study

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Joseph Donovan


There are many animals that are highly dependent upon vision for survival. Primates are a prime example of this. As primates, we use vision in almost every aspect of our lives and our visual system has become highly evolved to accommodate this. We have the ability to perceive depth , detail, motion, color, scenes, and objects of all kinds. We can focus on any aspect of our environment at any time. But many other animals have these abilities too. A jumping spider is another prime example of an animal that is highly dependent upon vision for survival. As such, their visual system has also become highly evolved and is rather unique for an invertebrate. In a sense, the primary eyes of a jumping spider are very much like the eyes of a primate. They are capable of color vision, object discrimination, and, unlike many other arthropods, have a type of foveal system.


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