Policy Options for Undocumented Students

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Kyle Bell


Undocumented students do not qualify for in-state tuition or financial aid in the state of Indiana. There are also few privately-run scholarship opportunities for undocumented students. Research done for this paper finds that there are currently no private scholarships at Indiana University South Bend specifically geared at the undocumented community. The lack of financial aid availability to this population of students is a deterrent for attending college.

A number of options are available to make college access easier for undocumented students.  Three alternatives to the status quo are proposed: the creation of a privately-run scholarship fund; a minority recruitment center whose mission would at least partially be on locating scholarships for minority populations and explaining available options; and lastly a concerted lobbying effort to pressure the state legislature to change the existing in-state tuition prohibition on undocumented students.


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