Typology of Nominalizations Formed with {-DIK}, {-mA}, {-(y)Iş}, and {-Im} in Turkish

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Duygu Goksu


Nominalized clauses constitute a large subset of subordinate clauses in Turkish. This paper claims that these nominalizations are DP-shelled phrases smaller than full-CPs. Among the nominalizers investigated are {-DIK}, {-mA}, {-(y)Iş}, and {-Im}. Firstly, to establish their DP-status we look at the argument positions they can appear in, test them as adjuncts, and put them in direct object position to trigger dependent case assignment (Marantz, 1991). After concluding that they are DPs in the outer-most layer, we apply adverb modification test to decide which functional layers are present in each form (Cinque, 1999). We conclude that {-DIK} and {-mA} nominalizations are DP-shelled TPs while the nominalizations formed with {-(y)Iş} are AspPs and the ones formed with {-Im} are VPs.

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