Focus and Scope

     The Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR) aims to sustain an annual, student-run, faculty-mentored undergraduate research publication for IU Bloomington. By creating a unified forum for undergraduate research, IUJUR seeks to foster an engaged student body and encourage student-faculty collaboration in allfields.

     When we look around us, we see a world of questions waiting to be answered. Indiana University has dedicated faculty, administration and, of course, students, who strive to explore these mysteries. With access to cutting-edge resources and technologies, and a shared passion for exploration, Hoosiers across disciplines have developed a unique culture of undergraduate research at IU. IUJUR seeks to capture and encourage the campus’s vibrant and diverse culture of curiosity.

     Identified as a high-impact educational practice, undergraduate research provides students with a unique opportunity for experiential learning. The empirical observation, critical thinking and hands-on approach involved in research are key components to a practical education. As a higher education institution committed to excellence, Indiana University equips its students to take on complex problems by offering a plethora of educational opportunities in research. IUJUR will be an outlet to recognize the learning and mastery of topics by engaged students and to encourage more students to proactively seek collaboration with faculty mentors.


Peer Review Process

IUJUR adopts a two-stage peer review process. For all submissions received, Associate Editors each provide comments on the manuscript and evaluate it according to our internal rubrics. We pass the top submissions for each section on to a member of our Faculty Advisory board, who is an expert in the related field. Based upon the rubric evaluations of FAB and their ultimate recommendations, we then compile a list of what articles to publish. If the author submitted before the Priority Deadline, this feedback is then returned to the author, who may revise and resubmit the manuscript at no penalty. Otherwise, the author will be notified of their decision on a rolling basis after the final deadline.

Publication Frequency

The Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research will publish one volume online in June annually.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Journal History

IUJUR was founded in August 2013 by a group of students passionate about recognizing and encouraging the exceptional undergraduate research work of their peers. The Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education’s support of IUJUR, since its conception, allows IUJUR to keep growing.