Papers and Presentations

Dalmau, Michelle and Melanie Schlosser. "Challenges of Serials Text Encoding in the Spirit of Scholarly Communication." Library Hi Tech 28. 3 (2010): 345-359.

Dalmau, Michelle and Melanie Schlosser. "Encoding Serials with the TEI: Independent Header and Interoperability." (poster) Text Encoding Initiative Consortium Members' Meeting, College Park, Maryland, October 31 - November 4, 2007.
Poster: PDF, 43M

Schlosser, Melanie and Michelle Dalmau. "Ode to the TEI Independent Header: Encoding Serials with the TEI." Digital Library Federation Forum, Pasadena, April 23-25, 2007.
Presentation: PDF, 260K

Dalmau, Michelle and Melanie Schlosser. "Indiana Magazine of History: Encoding Challenges." Indiana University Digital Library Program Brownbag Series, Spring 2007. Indiana University, Herman B Wells Library, Bloomington. April 4, 2007.