Title Reviewed:
A Dozen Captains of American Industry

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Walter Wilson Jennings

Joseph A. Batchelor


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 479-480

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Book Review

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A Dozen Captains of American Industry. By Walter Wilson Jennings. (New York: Vantage Press, 1955. Pp. viii, 229. Index. $2.50.)

The material in this book and its predecessor volume, Twenty Giants of American Business (Exposition Press, 1953), was developed in a course in American Business Leaders at the University of Kentucky. The men discussed are Samuel Slater, William Gregg, Elias Howe, James B. Eads, George Westinghouse, Henry Clay Frick, William L. Douglas, Elbert H. Gary, Thomas Coleman DuPont, George Eastman, John Dennis Ryan, and Edward L. Doheny. The author's objective is to state "the chief facts of each man's life, his contributions to business, the reasons for his success, and his ethical outlook in simple non-technical language that any high school student or adult can understand" (p. viii). It is his belief that the work will be helpful "as a supplemental text or reference reading for introductory business courses, economic history, industrial history, and courses dealing with business organization and business ethics, business leaders and business leadership" (p. ix) as well as to the general reader and to anyone engaged in business.

The sources used in the preparation of these sketches have been published books, articles, and newspapers, recent and contemporary, but manuscript materials such as the personal or business papers of the men concerned were not included. Each sketch is offered in a chronological narrative, and woven into each narrative is an assessment of the contribution of each man to business and economic development.

Joseph A. Batchelor Indiana University

Published by theĀ Indiana University Department of History.