Annual Seminars on American Culture

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Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 49, Issue 2, pp 234-234

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Annual Seminars on American Culture

The Sixth Annual Seminars on American Culture will be held in Cooperstown, New York, under the auspices of the New York State Historical Association, July 5-11, 1953.

The Seminars will offer to local historians, collectors, writers, teachers, librarians, museum personnel, folklorists, and enthusiasts for Americana generally an opportunity to study for a week with others who share their interests and with distinguished specialists in the area of their enthusiasm.

Among the courses to be offered this year are: "Patterns of American Folk History," of which Carl Carmer is chairman; "Folklore of the Newer Americans." Professors Thelma G. James of Wayne University and Harold W. Thompson of Cornell, co-chairmen; "Using Local History," which will be a workshop for Local Historians under the leadership of Albert B. Corey, State Historian; "Reading the Landscape," a course designed for people who would like to understand better what they see when they are riding through the American countryside, which will be led by Dean Eric H. Faigle and Professor Robert J. Rayback of Syracuse University. There will be a laboratory course, "The American Frugal Housewife." to be held in the early 19th century farmhouse at The Farmers’ Museum where students, under the direction of Virginia Parslow of The Farmers’ Museum Staff, will participate in baking bread in the brick oven, the preparation of food on the hearth, churning and cheese making, also soap making and candle dipping, and in a study of the textiles in the farmhouse. "Early American Decoration," will be a practical course in how to stencil walls, furniture and tin, and how to paint chairs, and other early decorative techniques, to be led by Mrs. Emily J. Heath, President of the Esther Stevens Brazer Guild. There will be a course designed for museum people and teachers, "The School and the Museum," under the leadership of Carl E. Guthe, Director of the New York State Museum, the purpose of which will be to help teachers and museum workers to prepare students for the utilization of museum resources

Furthur information about the Seminars may be obtained by writing to Louis C. Jones, Director, New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown, New York.

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