Abstracts of Early Wayne County Wills

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 217-219

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Abstracts of Early Wayne County Wills1

Dorothy Riker*

Symons, Jesse. Will dated January 8, 1812; proved April 22, 1812. Heirs: sons, Thomas, Nathan, Jesse; daughter, Lydia Bell; granddaughters, Sarah and Lydia Symons. Owned land in section 22, township 16 north, range 12 east. Executors: son Jesse and John Smith. Witnesses: William Pike, Daniel Trimble. Wayne County Will Records, 1812-30, pp. 1-2.

Little, Jacob, Sr. Will dated November 24, 1812; proved February 22, 1813. Heirs: wife, Hannah Little; children, Abraham, Lewis, Peter, Jacob, Charity Barfield, Mary March, Christina Jones; grandson, Laban Garner. Executor: George Hunt. Witnesses: Jacob Rupe, Henry Fender, William Durham. Ibid., 2-4.

Sutherland, William. Will dated March 25, 1815; proved July 17, 1815. Heirs: wife, Lydia Sutherland; children, John, William, Betsy, David, Hannah, Anna, Forger, Nancy. Executors: Andrew Woods, son John. Witnesses: George Hunt, Joseph Davisson. Ibid., 4-5.

Way, Henry. Will dated May 29, 1815; proved October Term 1815. Heirs: wife, Charloty; sons, Seth, Joseph, Paul, Nathan; daughters, Rachel Way, Lydia Frisbee (?), Mary Brock; younger children, Anne, Charloty, Henry, William. Executors: wife and son Seth. Witnesses: James Morrison, Benjamin Hutchens, Joseph Ladd. Ibid., 5-7.

Fouts, Daniel. Will dated September 25, 1815; proved February 26, 1816. Heirs: wife, Sally; daughters, Polly, Sally; sons, Noah, Jesse. Owned northwest quarter of section 18, township 12 north, range 1 west. Executor: George Hunt. Witnesses: Andrew Fouts, Isaac Esteb. Ibid., 7-8.

Whitehead, Lazarus. Will dated February 4, 1815; proved January 31, 1816. Heirs: wife, Martha; children, Lazarus, John, Martha Hunt, Polly Hunt. Owned land in North Carolina. Executors: sons John and Lazarus. Witnesses: John Ellis, Stephen Williams. Ibid., 9-10.

Bonine, Daniel. Will dated September 25, 1815; proved August 5, 1816. Heirs: wife, Mary; children of deceased daughter, Mary John; daughters, Hannah Copeland, Elizabeth Burgher, Sarah Jones, Rachel Williams, Rebeckah Hoover, Ann, Lydia; sons, David, Isaac, Thomas, and James. Member of Friends Church. Executors: sons David and Isaac. Witnesses: Jonathan Townsend, David Willis, Jonathan Brattain. Ibid., 10-11.

Lewis, William. Will dated March 13, 1816; proved June 1, 1816. Heirs: wife, Hannah; children, Martha, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, James, Preston (?) Applebury, Cynthia Lewis. Member of Friends

  • * Dorothy Riker is an editor on the Staff of the Indiana Historical Bureau, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • 1 Compiled from microfilm copies of Wayne County (Indiana) Will Records, 1812-30, made for the Society of Indiana Pioneers in 1943 and deposited in the Archives Division of the Indiana State Library.
Church. Executors: wife, Nathan Farlow, Samuel Stover. Witnesses: Richard G. Paris, Lewis L. Canada, Garizon (?) Dawson. Ibid., 12-13.

Hawkins, John. Will not dated; proved March 5, 1816. Heirs: wife (name not given); children, Nathan, James, Martha Comer, Mary Comer, Sarah Cook, Ann Hawkins, Rebecca Hawkins, Tamar (or Lamar) Smith, Lydia Wright, William. Owned land in South Carolina on a branch of Tyger River called Long Run and in section 27 & 28 on Whitewater River. Executors: sons Amos and John (not mentioned in list of heirs). Witnesses: Jacob Jessop, William McClain, Isaac Jessop. Ibid., 13-14.

Price, William. Will dated April 26 (?), 1817; proved May 3, 1817. Heirs: wife, Sally, and children (names not given). Executors: Abijah Cain, Caleb Smith. Witnesses: George Smith, — Cox. Ibid., 27.

Greene (or Grave?), Jacob. Will dated February 13, 1817; proved June 2, 1817. Heirs: granddaughters, Esther and Lydia, daughters of deceased son, John; daughter-in–law, Mary, widow of son John; sons, Enos, Jonathan, Jacob, Nathan. Executor: son Jacob. Witnesses: John Thomas, William Starbuck, Jeremiah Cox, Jr. Ibid., 28-29.

Willis, Jesse. Will dated May 5, 1817; proved October 13, 1817. Heirs: wife, Sarah; children, Isaac, John, David, William, Jesse, Rachel, Mary. Executors: John Canaday, son Isaac. Witnesses: Elihu Swain, John Canaday. Ibid., 29-31.

Higgins, William. Letters of administration in the estate of Higgins granted to Jehu Perkins, January 27, 1818. Ibid., 32.

Hunt, Samuel. Letters of administration in the estate of Hunt granted to Beal Butler and Caleb Harvey, November 27, 1817. Ibid., 32-33.

Porter, Jerry. Letters of administration in the estate of Porter granted to Thomas Brierly, February 24, 1818. Ibid., 33-34.

Miller, Christian. Will dated March 27, 1818; proved May Term 1818. Heirs: wife, Catharina; sons, Adam, Samuel, Henry, Isaac, and Christian; daughters, Elizabeth, Catharina, Polly, and Aree (?). No executor named. No witnesses. Ibid., 35-36.

Smithson, Josiah. Letters of administration in the estate of Smith-son granted to Caleb Smith and Joseph Ratliff, July 13, 1818.

Hunt, Charles. Will dated June 17, 1814; proved November 19, 1818. Heirs: daughters, Polly, Rebecca, Sally, Nancy, Caty; sons, Jonathan, James, George, John, Timothy, Smith, William, Charles, Stephen G. Executors: sons Jonathan, James, and Timothy. Witnesses: John Ring, Nathan Roysden, Benjamin Brown. Ibid., 37-38.

Hollett, Mark, of Waterloo, Wayne Co. Will dated October 15, 1818; recorded November 9, 1818. Heirs: wife, Ann Newsom, and children (names not given). Executors: Asahel Woodward, John Mc-Combs. Witnesses: Charles H. Stanly, Eli Heaton, Catherine McCarty. Ibid., 39.

Alderson, William. Letters of administration in estate of Alderson granted to John Gailbreath, November 24, 1818. Ibid., 40.

Hollet, George. Letters of administration in estate of Hollett granted to Thomas Hollett, December 8, 1818. Ibid., 40.

Young, Jesse. Letters of administration in estate of Young granted to William Young and Moses Martindale, January 16, 1819. Ibid., 41.

Elliott, Israel. Will dated January 4, 1819; proved May 3, 1819. Heirs: wife, Wilmet (?); son, Jacob; daughters, Eve Shoemaker, Esther, Rose, Edith. Executors: Jacob Elliott, George Holman, John Maxwell. Witnesses: Jacob N. Booker, Samuel Booker. Ibid., 42.

Bundy, Joseph. Will dated August 27, 1817; proved May 10, 1819. Heirs: sons, Nathan, George, Josiah; daughters, Sarah Bell, Mary Delon, Gulielma Morris, and Charity (?) Morris; granddaughters: Mary Morris, wife of Joshua Morris, Elizabeth Henley, wife of Jordan Henley. Executors: George and Josiah. Witnesses: Isaac Willits, Loring A. Waldo, Jehoshaphat Morris. Ibid., 43-44.

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