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Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp 217-222

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During the summer of 1939, while searching for some genealogical material in the Museum of the Jackson County Historical Society, in the Jackson County State Forest, my attention was directed to an interesting old record book. It is entitled Book No. 1, Record of Marks and is the original record kept by the Recorder of Jackson County, Indiana, from 1817 to 1878 of the marks used by the pioneers on the ears of their hogs.

In early days there were few fences, and hogs roamed at will through the woods to fatten on beech mast and acorns. It was therefore necessary to have some system of marking as proof of ownership. To avoid duplication and to protect themselves in case a question arose concerning ownership, the settlers registered their marks with the County Recorder. Even in Territorial days, hog raising was important enough that laws were made providing punishment for theft of hogs, alteration of marks, and failure to report strays.

Mrs. Anna Borders, curator of the Jackson County Museum, graciously gave me permission to copy these old entries to assist me in my search for some pioneer ancestors. Recently it occurred to me that this list really serves as a rough directory of Jackson County in early days, and might be valuable to many persons seeking proof of residence of their ancestors. I copied only the names and the dates of recording with an occasional description to show the variety of styles in which hogs wore their ears in those days. The pages of this old book are loose, and since they are not numbered there is no way of telling if any are missing. Some entries seem to have been made in the spaces between earlier entries—possibly to save paper.

Book No. 1

Record of Marks

Demsey Moris' Mark

A swallow fork in right ear and crop and half-crop in the left

  6th May 1817
Jacob Morris 6—June—1817
Lewis Rogers 7—June—1817
William Newland 7—June—1817
James Smith 24—June—1817
Wm. Kelley 5—July—1817
Michael Beem 8—July—1817
Solomon Cox 12—July—1817
Michael Beem, Sr. 16—July—1817
Millington Jackson 8—Aug.—1817
Abraham Huff 14—Aug.—1817
Jabez Crane orders his mark transferred to Jonas Crane 10—Sept.—1817
Asa Crane 10—Sept.—1817
Job Carter 28—Sept.—1817
John Parkes 27—Dec.—1817
James Tagert 7—April—1817
Isaac Williams 7—April—1817
William Wilson 25—April—1817
Jesse Butler 25—April—1817
Edward G. Jacobs 25—April—1817
John Ritter 12—May—1817
Edward Cooley 30—May—1817
Thomas Cooley 30—May—1817
Thomas Newby 8—March—1817
William Tabour 18—March—1817
John Craig 18—March—1817
Noah C. Willis 26—March—1817
Peter Herrington 6—April—1817
John Hover [Hoover?] 7—April—1817
Rebecca Bright 22-Jan.—1818
John Griffith 24—Jan.—1818
John Stephens 26—Jan.—1818
Thomas Cox 9—Mar.—1818
John Dopson May—21—1818
John Arther July 13—1818
Martin Douglass Aug. 19—1818
George Jones 20—Oct.—1818
William Jones 20—Oct.—1818
George Iseminger 21—Oct.—1818
Jabes Crane Nov. 2—1818
Peter Lyster Nov. 16—1818
Stephen McCoy Nov. 28—1818
Thomas Smith 7—Dec.—1818
William Russell 7—Dec.—1818
William Standerford Dec. 19—1818
Thomas Whitson Dec. 19—1818
Peter Johnson Dec. 19—1818
Andrew Johnson Dec. 28—1818
John Mapes Jan. 14—1819
Levi Spring Jan. 14—1819
Adam Miller Jan. 22—1819
Joseph Goss Jan. 28—1819
William Cockerham Jan. 28—1819
Jesse Tabour Jan. 28—1819
George C. Brightman Feb. 9—1819
Obediah Walker Feb. 15—1819
Jehu Mash Feb. 17—1819
Jonathan L. Right [Wright?] Feb. 26—1819
James Dudley Feb. 27—1819
Smith Wright March 11—1819
Gabriel Newby April 10—1819
Elijah Olds April 12—1819
John Robertson 17—April—1819
Joshua Moore 10—May—1819
Solomon Cox 10—May—1819
John Blair 10—May—1819
Jesse Tuel 22—May—1819
John Weathers 11—June—1819
William Flinn, Jr.'s Mark A smooth crop of the left ear 25—June—1819
Abraham Keller 13—July—1819
Caleb Elliott 30—July—1819
David Benton 23—Aug.—1819
John Standfield 24—Aug.—1819
James Hamilton 25—Sept.—1819
John Jacobs 30—Sept.—1819
John Kindred 2—Oct.—1819
John Whitkinnack [?] 2—Sept.—1819
Daniel Weddle's Mark A swallow fork in each ear and an under bit in each 2—Sept.—1819
Elias Day 13—Oct.—1819
Robert Holmes 20—Oct.—1819
Wm. H. Smith 26—Oct.—1819
Andrew B. Holland Nov. 1—1819
Abel Findley 29—Nov.—1819
William Findley 29—Nov.—1819
William Summers 4—Dec.—1818
Caleb White 27—Dec.—1819
Maxilian [?] White 27—Dec.—1819
Thomas Wright 3—Jan.—1820
Basel Prathers 15—Jan.—1820
Edward Weddle's Mark A under stope in the right and crop and slit in the left 25—Jan.—1820
Henry Benton 26—Jan.—1820
Walter Benton 2—Feb.—1820
Isaiah Hornaday 2—Feb.—1820
James Slead [?] 22—Mar.—1820
James Copland 23—Mar.—1820
James Hanam 23—Mar.—1820
David Crane 5—Apr.—1820
William Robertson Apr.—7—1820
Rufus Amans [?] Aprile 27—1820
John Hubard no date given William H. Ewing 2—Nov.—1820
Joseph Hiett 2—Dec.—1820
David Kelley 18—Dec.—1820
David Kelley, Jr. 18—Dec.—1820
Jacob Hiatt 12—Apr.—1821
Alexander Howard 20—Sept.—1821
James Kelley 17—Nov.—1821
Jacob C. Baldwin Dec. 12—1821
George Thompson Dec. 12—1821
Jacob Scott Jan. 1—1822
Nehemiah Whelen Jan. 15—1822
John Newby Jan. 15—1822
Asa Ketchell Jan. 15—1822
Joel Williams Jan. 21—1822
George Kress Jan. 26—1822
John Ewalt Jan. 29—1822
George Smallwood Feb. 13—1822
Alexander Thompson Feb. 13—1822
William Congleton [?] Feb. 13—1822
John Chilcott Mar. 19—1822
Samuel C. Tate Apr. 3—1822
James Woodmansee Apr. 7—1822
Joel Grantham Apr. 27—1822
William Morgan May 24—1822
Samuel Standfield June 3—1822
Jonathan Crums 29—Sept.—1822
David Weddel's Mark A smooth crop of each ear and under bit in each 29—Sept.—1822
Solomon Watson 4—Nov.—1822
George Wagoner 28—Nov.—1822
William Marshall 28—Nov.—1822
Robert Gillaspie 5—Dec.—1822
John Marling 5—Dec.—1822
Absalom Parker Jan. 17—1823
Luther Bedel Mar. 18—1823
David Burr Dec. 10—1823
Gabriel Woodmansee Mar. 6—1824
Patrick Karnes 6—Mar.—1824
William Goforth 10—Mar.—1824
David Johnson 23—Mar.—1824
James Johnson 23—Mar.—1824
Elisha Sanderson 27—Mar.—1824
Ebenezer Henderson 8—Apr.—1824
John Reed 5—June—1824
James Brown 15—Oct.—1824
Hugh Brown 15—Dec.—1824
William Johnson 16—Dec.—1824
William Moore Jan. 7—1825
James Wheeler 30—Jan.—1825
John Weathers Feb. 5—1825
Moses Sewell Mar. 25—1825
William Cardale Apr. 26—1825
James Wilson 5—Oct.—1825
John C. Vermilya 10—Oct.—1825
Aaron Holman 24—Dec.—1825
John Hanners 12—Jan.—1826
John C. Barnes 22—Apr.—1826
John L. Jones 17—June—1826
Samuel Prather 17—June—1826
Stephen Cox 21—Aug.—1826
Hiram Noe 7—Aug.—1826
Isaac [?] Dixon 12—Aug.—1826
David Cordale 20—Oct.—1826
Uriah Hicks 31—Jan.—1827
Orange Monroe 17—Feb.—1827
Benjamin Draper 10—Nov.—1827
Solomon Ruddick 14—Mar.—1828
William Shields 15—July—1828
Thomas Collins 21—Jan.—1829
Matthew Tanner 21—Jan.—1830
George Keller 25—Jan.—1830
Joseph Goss 26—Jan.—1830
John A. Weddle 26—Mar.—1830
Willis Owens 20—Nov.—1830
John Owens 20—Nov.—1830
William Baldwin 6th—Dec.—1830
Jacob Watson 12th—Jan.—1831
Alexander Sweaney Jan. 29th—1831
Willis Morgan May 4—1831
Stephen Cockerham 24—Sept.—1831
Francis Elliott Jan. 21—1833
George Standfield Feb. 23—1833
John Powell July 15—1833
Gabriel Chamlin [?] Aug. 17—1833
George Kindle Nov. 9—1833
Medy [?] W. Shields Dec. 2—1833
Jacob Goutrey [Guthrie] Apr. 22—1834
William Swine [Schwein?] Jan. 30—1835
Nathan C. Rucker Apr. 6—1835
Daniel Weddle Feb. 28—1837
Josephus Crenshaw Aug. 4—1837
Coleman Comstock Dec. 30—1837
James Dudley Dec. 30—1837
Henry Lyser [?] Feb. 9—1838
Frederick Barkman 23rd April—1838
Dancil [or Daniel] Phifer [?] 9—Jan.—1838
Henry C. Dalton Feb. 10, 1873
  [These last two entries, 35 years later than the previous one, are both on the last page.]
Adam Heller Mar. 15—1878

See Book No. 2—page 6

[Location of Book No. 2 not known]

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