Abstracts of Early Wills of Harrison County, Indiana

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 92-95

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Abstracts of Early Wills of Harrison County, Indiana1


Koster (or Coster), Nicolas.2 Will dated April 27, 1809; probated November 8, 1809. Heir: William Rice. Witnesses: Peter McMickle, Elijah Harryman, Samuel [illeg.] (Harrison County Will Record A, 1809–32, 7).

Stephens, John. Will dated August 1, 1810; probated August 27, 1810. Heirs: wife, Stacy Stephens; children, names not given except for son Charles who was to be bound to the tanning and currying trade. Executors: Stacy Stephens, James Stephens. Witnesses: William Sands, Thomas Infield (ibid., 8–10).

Spencer, George. Died November 18, 1811.3 Nuncupative will proved by Mason Carter, February 7, 1812. Spencer and Carter were privates in Captain Spier Spencer's company at the Battle of Tippecanoe. Spencer was wounded in the battle and died on the return trip to Vincennes. Before his death he told Mason Carter that he wished all his real and personal property to be given to the four younger children of Ruth Walker of Nelson County, Kentucky (ibid., 10–11).

Oatman, Joseph. Will dated November 11, 1811; probated June 3, 1812. Heirs: wife, Christiana Oatman; son-in-law, Beverly Hurst (husband of Elizabeth Oatman); sons, John, George; minor children, Susannah, Jesse, Peggy, July Ann. Executors: James Scott and John Oatman. Witnesses: Joseph Mayall, James Baird, Ebenezer Morgan, William Mitchell, Mark Trueblood (ibid., 12–16).

Hamell (or Howell), Joseph. Will dated February 24, 1812; probated June 15, 1812. Heirs: children, Mary, Daniel, Josiah. Witnesses: John and Andrew Johnson (ibid., 16–17).

Williams, William. Will dated October 8, 1812; probated November 16, 1812. Heirs: wife, Ruth Williams; daughters: Elizabeth (wife of Joseph Winters), Sarah (wife of Philip Hoone), Nancy (wife of John Gilmore), Margaret (wife of John Allon), Ruth (wife of Francis Hamilton), Hannah; sons, William, James, John, Barnerd, and Ford. Executor: Ruth Williams. Witnesses: William Marsh, Sr., Thomas Young (ibid., 18–20).

Maxwell, Joseph. Will dated October 27, 1811; probated April 15, 1813. Heirs: wife, Hannah Maxwell; daughter, Sarah Berry; names of other children not given. Maxwell made his will before starting

  • 1 Compiled from microfilm copies of Harrison County, Indiana, Will Record A, 1809–32, made for the Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration, in 1936, and deposited in the Archives Division of the Indiana State Library.
  • 2 Koster taught school within the boundaries of the present Washington County during the winter of 1808–9. Warder W. Stevens, Centennial History of Washington County, Indiana …. (Indianapolis, 1916), 594–95.
  • 3 "John Tipton's Tippecanoe Journal," in Indiana Magazine of History (Dec., 1906), II, 183.
on the Tippecanoe expedition. No executor named. Witnesses: James, Joseph, and Sarah Maxwell (ibid., 21–22).

Byrn, William. Will dated March 29, 1813; probated May 12, 1813. Heirs: wife, Christiana Byrn; children, names not given. Executors: Temple Byrn and Beverly B. Boston. Witnesses: Johnson Vest, Charles L. Byrn, Daniel McCoy (ibid., 22–23).

Wright, Eli. Will dated September 9, 1813; probated October 2, 1813. Heirs: wife, Pheba Wright; children, Jonathan, Eli, Ruban, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Joel, Joseph, Polly. Executor: son, Jonathan Wright. Witnesses: John George Pfrimmer, George F. Pope (ibid., 24–28).

Gresham, William. Will dated September 25, 1813; probated November 5, 1813. Heirs: wife, Rebeckah Gresham; children, names not given. Executors: George Gresham, Dennis Pennington. Witnesses: Folly Rumbly, Ann Critchfield, Philip Gresham (ibid., 29–30).

Barnaby, Robert. Will dated October 20, 1813; probated December 6, 1813. Heirs: wife, Sarah Barnaby; children, names not given. Executors: Absalom Hart and Patrick Shields. Witnesses: Daniel Cline, George Watts (ibid., 30–31).

Lofton (or Loftau), Isaac. Will dated January 23, 1813; probated December 10, 1813. Heirs: sons, Thomas, William, Isaac; daughter, Polly Foglun (?). No executor named. Witness: Martin Royce (ibid., 31–33)

Downs, William. Nuncupative will sworn to by his sons, William Elias, and James, July 25, 1814. Heirs: wife, Fanny Downs (ibid., 33–34).

Wright, Pheba. Will dated August 30, 1814; probated, June 30, 1815. Heirs: sons, Ruban, Jonathan, Eli, Joel, Joseph; daughters, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Polly. Executor: son, Jonathan Wright. Witnesses: Jacob Conrod, B. Withers (ibid., 35–38).

Jenkins, David. Will dated September 6, 1815; probated October 23, 1815. Heirs: wife, Mason Jenkins; brother, Jeremiah Jenkins. Executors: Cornelius Hall and Malice Mauck. Witnesses: Martin H. Tucker and William Scott (ibid., 39–40).

Conrod (or Coonrod, Conrad), Jacob. Will dated July 6, 1815; probated November Term, 1815. Heir: wife, Catherine Conrod; sons, Jacob and Henry; son-in-law, Israel Butt, who married May Conrod; sister's daughter, Susan Williss; grandson, George Washington Conrod. Executors: Henry Conrod, Israel Butt. Witnesses: Philip Wiseman, Philip Trester (ibid., 41–42).

Barnett, John. Will dated March 22, 1815; probated October 25, 1816. Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Alexander, James; sons-in-law, Joseph Hall, Elisha Moore; grandchildren, Rachel and Samuel Lawrence (children of William Lawrence). Executor not named. Witnesses: James and William Rawlins. Barnett owned land in Kentucky (ibid., 43–44).

Young, Jacob. Will dated February 27, 1815; probated October 25, 1816. Heirs: wife (name not given); children: Jacob, Jr., John, Abraham, Elizabeth (wife of Martin Homes?), Eve (wife of John Kephart), Mary. Executors: sons, Jacob and John Young. Witnesses: Elijah Creswell, John Flickner, Jacob Yanowine (ibid., 44–46).

Ham, David. Will dated July 16, 1817; probated January 3, 1818. Heirs: wife, Rhoda Ham; children, Mahala, John Lopp, Eliza, Matthias. Executor: wife, Rhoda Ham. Witnesses: Andrew Beeman, John Stonecipher, Stephen T. Beeman (ibid., 46–48).

Fouts, David. Will dated September 25, 1817; probated January 5, 1818. Heirs: wife, Amelia Fouts; children, names not given except for daughter, Elizabeth Sapenfield. Executors: Amelia Fouts and George Avery. Witnesses: Temple C. Byrn, Zachariah Ingram, John McCrary, John Henson (ibid., 49–50).

Beard, Samuel. Will dated October 3, 1818; probated November 14, 1819. Heirs: wife, Grizzle; children, Isaac, Rachel, Nancy. Executors: Grizzle and Isaac Beard. Witnesses: Jesse Craig, Peter Beard, Philip Bell (ibid., 51–52).

Wheeler, Timothy. Will dated April 7, 1820; probated May 13, 1820. Heirs: David Young of Harrison County, Indiana; brother, William Wheeler of Waitsfield, Vermont, and the latter's children, William, Silas, Timothy, Mehitabel (?), and David. Executor: David Young. Witnesses: George Bentley, Alexander Brownlee (ibid., 53–54).

Miles, Joseph. Will dated March 21, 1820; probated June 3, 1820. Heirs: wife, Nancy Miles; children, Lavary B., William (I. or J.), Lucinda. Executors: wife and brother, Isaac Miles. Witnesses: William Duggins, Minee Miles, Zephaniah Miles (ibid., 55–57).

Lamb, Joshua. Will dated April 7, 1820. Probated July 24, 1820. Heirs: wife, Easter Lamb; children, Jesse, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hutdy (?), Thomas, Jeremiah, Martha, Marian, Eli, Josiah; Betty Henson's children (she was wife of William Henson and daughter or step-daughter of Joshua Lamb). Executors: Easter Lamb and William Henson. Witnesses: John Jackson, Joseph Henson, Daniel Tremble (ibid., 58–59).

Blunk, Andrew, Sr. Will dated May 1, 1821; probated June 29, 1821. Heirs: wife, Mary Blunk; children, Andrew, John, Joseph, Rachel, Sarah; Thomas Blunk, Elizabeth and Mary Markwell (relationship not given). Executor: Mary Blunk. Witnesses: William D. Carter, Alexander McRae (ibid., 60–63).

Mauck, John. Will dated October 26, 1816; probated November 3, 1821. Heirs: wife, Christina Mauck; children, Barbara Grable, Catherine Grable (wife of Benjamin Grable), Jonathan, Peter, Frederick; son-in-law, John Pitman (husband of Elizabeth Mauck); grandson, John Grable (son of Christian and Barbara Grable); heirs of deceased son, John Mauck. Executor: John Pitman. Witnesses: Richard M. Heth, James Samuels (ibid., 64–70).

Wynne, Joshua. Will dated October 11, 1821; probated February 2, 1822. Heirs: wife, Nancy Wynne; children, Joshua, John R., Thomas, Frances, Patty Beazly. Executor: son, John R. Wynne. Witnesses: Jonathan Hall, Samuel McCurry (ibid., 71–72).

Flannery, James. Will dated February —, 1822; probated February 26, 1822. Heir: Elizabeth Vigus, infant daughter of Jordan and Elizabeth Vigus. Executor: Jordan Vigus. Witnesses: James B. Slaughter, Robert A. New, John Mefford (ibid., 73–76).

Hutson, David. Nuncupative will proved by James Evans and Fielding Cromwell on May 14, 1822. Hutson stated to them on or about January 10, 1822, the disposition he wished made of his property. Heirs: wife, Rebecca Hutson; sons, John, Robert, David, William, James (youngest); daughters, Isabel, Mary, Martha, Hannah (ibid., 77–78).

Boone, Isaiah. Will dated May 28, 1822; probated June 27, 1822. Heirs: wife, Mary M. Boone. Executors: wife and father, Jonathan Boone. Witnesses: Adam Douglas, Lyman Stanford, Thomas Young, Septemeas Tomlinson (ibid., 79–80).

McVitty, Samuel. Will dated September 6, 1822; probated September 23, 1822. Heir: wife, Rachel McVitty. Executors: wife and Adam C. Smith. Witnesses: Thomas Pritchard, James B. Slaughter, William McVitty (ibid., 81–82).

Wood, Eli. Will dated October 26, 1821; probated October 22, 1822. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Wood; daughters, Sarah Coolly, Rebecca Carathers, Susannah Roe; sons, Eli, Elexander, Jacob, John. Executor: son, John. Witnesses: Benjamin King, William Mavity (ibid., 82–83).

Funk, Jacob. Will dated August 19, 1822; probated October 3, 1822. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Funk; sons, Isaac, Abraham, William, Jacob (a gunsmith, whereabouts unknown); daughters, Lydia, Sarah Barkison, Catherine, Elizabeth; grandchildren, Jacob, George, John, Elizabeth, Polly Wall (children of John Wall), Jacob, George, Mary, and Elizabeth Hardin. Executor: John Snider, Sr. Witnesses: William Watson, Joseph Abbott (?), Isaac, William, and Abraham Funk (ibid., 84–86).

Stephenson, James. Will dated September 20, 1822; probated October 11, 1822. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Stephenson and children, names not given. Executor: father, James Stephenson. Witnesses: William Stevenson, Craven Lynn (ibid., 87–88).

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