Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume , Issue 1, pp 82-86

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Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records*


  • Sproatt, Benjamin. Administrator, John Sproatt, appointed November 6, 1817. Bond, $1000. Securities: Joseph Whitcomb, Philip Beurgard. Appraisal of personal property made November 10 by Henry S. Elliott and Nathaniel Scribner (Clark County Will Record B, 1817-33, 1, 21-28.
  • Tucker, Leonard. Administrator, widow Elenor Tucker, appointed November 21, 1817. Bond, $300. Securities: James Scott, John H. Thompson (ibid., 1-2).
  • Yoder, Elias. Administrator, Jacob Yoder, appointed December 13, 1817. Bond, $1000. Securities: William and John Ferguson. Appraisement of personal property (ibid., 2, 38-40, 126-27.)
  • Harris, Lewis. Administrators, widow Nancy Harris and John H. Thompson, appointed December 27, 1817. Bond, $500. Securities: Alexander Stewart, William Rowland (ibid., 3).
  • Cooke (or Cook), Moses. Will dated September 20, 1812; probated August 4, 1818. Heirs: wife, Nancy Cooke; brothers, John A. and Thomas Cooke; nephew, Thomas Andrews, son of Moses Andrews, deceased, and wife Lettica; eldest sister, Lydia; youngest sister, Lettica; William Adams, Jr., nephew of wife Nancy. Executor: William Adams, Jr. Prior to the will being proved, Nancy Cooke was appointed administrator on February 7, 1818. Appraisement of personal property made February 18, 1818, by John Field, Jr., and Zebulon Collings (ibid., 4, 19-21, 37-38).
  • Fisher, Frederick. Administrators, son Jacob Fisher and Jacob Fouts, appointed February 25, 1818. Bond, $3000. Securities: John Owens, William Booen. Appraisement of personal property made February 27, 1818 by Henry Robinson, Lewis Fouts, and Enoch Robinett (ibid., 6, 29-32).
  • Wicks, Joseph P. Administrator, widow Anna Wicks, appointed March 3, 1818. Bond, $400. Securities: William Linton, Alpheus Branham (ibid., 6).
  • Batten (or Badden), Tobias, of Jeffersonville. Will dated February 26, 1818; probated March 30, 1818. Served and was discharged from Eighth Regiment, U.S. Army; entitled to bounty land; when patent comes, land to be sold, debt to John Jobe to be paid, and remainder to go to wife and children who now reside in Alexandria, Virginia. Executor: Andrew Gelwick. Witnesses: John Weathers, Leonard Bowman, John Jobe (ibid., 7-8).
  • Tidwell, William. Administrator, John Conner, appointed April 4, 1818. Bond, $400. Securities: Charles Ross, Reece Williams. Appraisement of personal property made February 16, 1820 by A. Hen-thorn and James Smith (ibid., 8-9, 114-15).
  • Hallowell, James. Administrator, Elihu Marsh, appointed April

    • * Continued from the December. 1939, issue of Indiana Magazine of History. Compiled from microfilm copies of Clark County, Indiana, Will Record B. 1817-1833. made for the Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration. in 1936. and deposited in the Archives Division of the Indiana State Library.
    8, 1818. Bond, $200. Securities: John Field, Jr., and Evan Shelby (ibid., 9).
  • Steward, Henry. Administrator, Samuel Steward, appointed April 13, 1818. Bond, $200. Securities: Henry L. Minor and John Miller (ibid., 9-10).
  • West, Solomon. Administrators, widow Huldah West and Thomas Sinex, appointed April 13, 1818. Bond, $400. Securities: Richard Aston, William Drasdell. Appraisement of personal property made May 2, 1818 by Stephen Beers and George McDougal. Bill of sale, August 3, 1819 (ibid., 10, 32-35, 139-40).
  • Dodge, Gamaliel. Administrator, William Hughes, appointed May 21, 1818. Bond, $300. Securities: Joshua Dodge, Thomas Chapple, John Reed (ibid., 11).
  • Griffith, John. Will dated February 12, 1818; probated May 26, 1818. Heirs: children, Nancy, John, Nelly Findley, Hannah Coombs, David, Elizabeth Yunt (?), Stephen, Polly. Mentions land in Shelby County, Kentucky. Executors: Daniel Ketchem of Kentucky, Thomas Carr, Jonathan Jennings. Witnesses: Daniel Peyton, Matthew Taylor, Jonathan Jennings. Appraisement of personal property made June 27, 1818 by Mathew Parks, Joseph Carr, Daniel Peyton (ibid., 12-13, 86).
  • Lewis, Jonathan. Will dated April 16, 1817; probated May 13, 1817. Heirs: wife, Sarah Lewis, and two children, Priscilla and Thomas. Executor: Sarah Lewis. Witnesses: Richard Aston, Sr., Jacob Brookart (ibid., 13-15).
  • Parks, Jacob. Will dated January 13, 1818; probated June 12, 1818. Heirs: wife, Jane Parks, and four children, Jane, Agnes, Elizabeth and Joshua Linsey. Executors: Jane Parks and her brother and friend John Derham (?). Witnesses: Stephen Hutchings, Wilson Cooper (ibid., 15-16).
  • Moss, James. Administrator, Reuben H. Murray, appointed July 16, 1818. Bond, $200. Securities: Isaac Howk, John Weathers (ibid., 16).
  • Slaughter, George, Sr. Administrator, John Field, Jr., appointed July 21, 1818. Bond, $1000. Securities: Daniel Gray, Thomas Chappell. Appraisement of personal property made August 4, 1818 by John Douthitt and Benjamin Ferguson (ibid., 17, 48).
  • Paxson, Thomas. Administrator, John Eastburn, appointed August 7, 1818. Bond, $3000. Securities: William L. Hobson, Sylvester Perry (ibid., 18).
  • Wickins, Josiah. Administrator, Thomas Pile, appointed September 12, 1818. Bond, $40. Securities: Isaac Shelby, Henry L. Minor (ibid., 19).
  • House, Andrew. Administrator, Seth Woodruff, appointed September 25, 1818. Bond, $2000. Securities: Charles Woodruff, Charles B. Naylor (ibid., 40-41).
  • Murphy, Martin F. Administrator, Daniel H. Wattson, appointed October 12, 1818. Bond, $500. Securities: Lucius Young, Thomas H. Letcher. Appraisement of personal property made October 19, 1818 by Henry Turner, Daniel Keller, Wyatt P. Tuley. Bill of sale, October 31, 1818 (ibid., 42, 47, 95-96).
  • Britt, John. Administrator, Joshua Gore, appointed October 21, 1818. Bond, $100. Securities: Joseph A. Lingan, John Weathers. Appraisement of personal property made October 23, 1818 by Andrew Gelwick and James Fislar (ibid., 43, 152).
  • Shake, Rachel. Administrator, Jacob Shake, appointed October 28, 1818. Bond, $2000. Securities: Patrick Welch, William L. Pittman, John Peyton. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale, November 13 and 14, 1818. New administrator, William L. Pittman, appointed August 17, 1819 (ibid., 44, 73-76, 93).
  • Daniel, Peter. Will dated April 30, 1817; probated November Term 1818. Heirs: wife, Rebecca Daniel; children, Joseph, Peter, John, Polly Morgan, Susanna Cuna, Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine, Jane. Executors: Francis Patterson, Martin Huckleberry. Witnesses: Robert L. Plasket, John Hutchens. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale, November 20 and 21, 1818 (ibid., 45-46, 77-78).
  • Wilkey, William. Will dated October 10, 1818; probated November 14, 1818. Heirs: wife, Jane Wilkey, and children (names not given). Executors: wife and Abel Bland. Witnesses: William Buckhannon, William Gibson, William Bland (ibid., 48-50).
  • Scribner, Nathaniel. Administrators, widow Elizabeth Scribner, James and Joel Scribner, appointed December 24, 1818. Bond, $3000. Securities: Abner Scribner, Charles Woodruff (ibid., 50-51).
  • Thompson, John. Administrator, William Rowland, appointed January 21, 1819. Bond, $80. Securities: Isaac Howk, Benjamin Ferguson (ibid., 51).
  • Miller, Frederick. Administrator, James Fisler, appointed February 13, 1819. Bond, $80. Securities: Stephen Ranney, James Lemon (ibid., 52).
  • Smallwood, David. Administrator, widow Catherine Smallwood, appointed March 23, 1819. Bond, $1000. Securities, Henry Lutz, Evan Shelby. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale, April 16 and May 15, 1819 (ibid., 70-71, 89-92).
  • Copple, Philip. Appraisement of personal property made October 22, 1818, by Jacob Copple, administrator. Bill of sale, October 24, 1818 (ibid., 71-73). No appointment of administrator found.
  • Beard, Jane. Administrator, William D. Clark, appointed June 21, 1819. Bond, $1600. Securities: Robert Hopkins, Elias Johnson. Appraisement of personal property made January 4, 1820 by John Reed and Alevicion F. Greene (ibid., 85, 142-43).
  • Walker, Philip. Will dated April 20, 1819; probated July 15, 1819. Heirs: wife, Martha Walker, and friend, John Weathers. Executor: John Weathers. Witnesses: William Ferguson, John Barker, George Smallwood (ibid., 86).
  • Wood, George. Administrator, widow May Wood, appointed July 20, 1819. Bond, $1000. Securities: James N. Wood, Robert Burge (ibid., 87).
  • Macdonald, Ebenezer. Administrator, Stephen Ranney, appointed July 29, 1819. Bond, $1000. Securities: John Weathers, William Booen. Appraisement of personal property (ibid., 87-88, 96-97).
  • Akers, Simon. Administrator, George Akers, appointed July 31, 1819. Bond, $600. Securities: George McKinley, John Campbell. Appraisement of personal property, August 13, 1819 (ibid., 88, 146-47)
  • Robertson, Daniel. Administrator, Isaac Naylor, appointed September 2, 1819. Bond, $500. Securities: Charles B. Naylor, John F. Ross (ibid., 94).
  • Bellows, Thomas. Administrator, widow Lois Bellows, appointed September 24, 1819. Bond, $4000. Securities: William Booen, Isaac Howk. Appraisement of personal property made October 21, 1819 (ibid., 94-95, 98-101).
  • Brown, William. Will dated September 6, 1819; probated November 15, 1819. Heirs: wife, Peggy Brown; children, Nathan, Harriot, Elhanan, Maria. Executor: John Beggs. Witnesses: Patrick Keynon, John R. Funk, William G. Goforth (ibid., 105-7).
  • Abbot, James, Sr. Will dated November 13, 1819; probated November 16, 1819. Heirs: wife (name not given); children, James, John, Peggy, William, Elizabeth, Isaac, Sally, Levina, David; heirs of deceased daughter, Polly. Executors: John Beggs, Alfred Plummer (husband of daughter Sally). Witnesses: John R. Funk, John Meloy, Sr., William Meloy (ibid., 107-9).
  • Bellows, David. Administrator, Miss Lydia Bellows, appointed December 28, 1819. Bond, $4000. Securities: William—, John White. Appraisement of personal property made January 19, 1820 by James Braman, Sr., and Peleg Lewis (ibid., 109, 111-14).
  • Watson, William. Administrator, Andrew P. Hay, appointed January 29, 1820. Bond, $1500. Securities: Alban Vernon (?), John Gibson, Jr. (ibid., 110).
  • Gilmore, John. Will dated March 14, 1819; probated April 3, 1820. Heirs: wife, Jane Gilmore; children, Ephraim, William, John, Catherine, Polly, Betsey, Lucindy. Daughter Polly to receive indentured negro woman Maria for ten years from this date, at end of which time she should be freed. Executors: wife and Richard Shad-burn. Witnesses: Willis W. Goodwin, Samuel McClintick, William Akins (ibid., 115-18).
  • Ruddle, Stephen. Administrators, Francis Ratliff and Cornelius Ruddle, appointed August 29, 1820. Bond, $1400. Securities: William Rowland and James Sharp. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 118-19, 120-23).
  • Schneider, Martin. Administrator, John Schwarts, appointed October 5, 1820. Bond, $1200. Securities: Joseph Christopher Schwarts and Joseph Gibson. Appraisement of personal property made by John and Basil R. Prather. Power of attorney, dated June 24, 1821, at Waldenbourg, Switzerland, from Martin Schneider, Sr. to John Hay Farnham authorizing him to receive from John Schwarts and all other persons property belonging to his son (ibid., 119-20, 164-65, 220-23).
  • Bowman, Aaron. Appraisement of personal property made by Samuel Gwathmey and Richard Mosley. Sally Bowman, administrator. No date for appointment of administrator or appraisement (ibid., 149).
  • Crumb, John. Administrators, Elizabeth Crumb, widow, and Christian Crumb, son, appointed January 30, 1821. Bond. $400. Securities: Thomas Hutchinson, Christian King. Appraisement of personal property made by John Pettit, John Covert, John Allhands. Bill of sale (ibid., 164, 166-73).
  • McCormick, Zion. Administrator, Daniel Smith, appointed February 12, 1821. Securities: Alexander Walker, John Gray. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 165-66, 173-75).
  • Dixon, Lewis. Administrators, widow Susan Dixon and Jacob Bare (or Base ?), appointed August 13, 1821. Bond, $400. Securities: Samuel Patterson, John Rawalt (?). Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 176-77, 184, 192-93).
  • Stevens, William. Administrator, Thomas Stevens, appointed August 14, 1821. Bond, $800. Securities: John Stevens, William G. Armstrong, Philip Boyer. Appraisement of personal property made November 9, 1821 by William Plasket, William Kelly, Robert B. Henry (ibid., 177-78, 191).
  • Coble, Christopher. Administrator, Anthony Coble, appointed October 3, 1821. Bond, $1000. Securities: Samuel Shake, Levi Owen, James Collins, John B. Pittman. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 180-81, 193-95, 199).
  • Braman, James, of New Providence. Administrators, widow Rhoda Braman and James Braman, appointed October 30, 1821. Bond, $1500. Securities: Isaac Howk, John F. Ross. Appraisement of personal property made by John White and John Borden (ibid., 181-82, 241-43).
  • Moon, Mordecai. Administrator, widow Lean Moon, appointed October 20, 1821. Bond, $500. Securities: Elias Johnson, John H. Thompson. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 182, 212-14).
  • Charlton, Simpson. Administrators, Samuel Patterson and John Rogers (or Rodgers ?), appointed November 10, 1821. Bond, $1000. Securities: Thomas Rogers, John Boyer. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 183, 214-18).
  • Copple, Jacob. Administrators, John Copple, Jr. and Abraham Copple, appointed November 12, 1821. Bond, $1000. Securities: John Copple, Sr. and William Izard. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 184-85, 202-6).
  • Bowman, Leonard. Administrator, widow Anne Bowman and Robert Bowman, appointed November 14, 1821. Bond, $800. Securities: William Smith, Reuben H. Murray, Ephraim Gilmore (ibid., 185-86).

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