Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 359-361

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Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records1


Miller, David. Administrators, widow Elizabeth Miller and David Fanisin, appointed May 5, 1814. Bond, $500. Securities: David Irwin, John Ferguson (Clark County Will Record A, 1801–17, 96). Appraisement of personal property (Vol. B, 1817–33, 144–146).

Bowman, John. Administrator, Leonard Bowman, appointed May 27, 1814. Bond, $400. Securities: Andrew Gelwick, John Ferguson (ibid., Vol. A, 97).

Hartley, Jonathan. Administrator, William Hartley, appointed June 4, 1814. Bond, $100. Securities: Henry Huckleberry, William N. Griffith (ibid., 98).

McCannon, James. Administrator, James Drummond, appointed September 3, 1814. Bond, $300. Securities: William Ferguson, John Work, Jr. (ibid., 98–99).

Marsh, Elias. Administrators, Samuel and Robert Marsh, appointed October 11, 1814. Bond, $2000. Securities: James Anderson, Elkin Marsh (ibid., 99).

Sage, James. Administrator, Abraham Epler, appointed October 24, 1814. Bond, $1200. Securities: Charles Beggs, John Ferguson (ibid., 100–1). Appraisement of personal property (Vol. B, 1817–33, 131–33).

Sumner, William B. Administrator, widow Ann Sumner, appointed November 1, 1814. Bond, $1200. Securities: Alexander Buckner, James Scott (ibid., Vol. A, 101).

Huffman, Peter. Will dated August 30, 1810; probated July 1, 1813. Heirs: wife, Catherine; children: Benjamin, Rachel (Mrs. Henry Collins), Isaac, John, Mary, Winifred, Ann, Catherine, Rebecca. Executors: Catherine Huffman, son, Isaac Huffman. Witnesses: Moses Cook, John R. Clark, Nancy Cook (ibid., 101–2).

Dowden, Thomas. Will dated July 13, 1812; probated October 12, 1812. Heirs: wife, Nancy Dowden; son, Zephaniah. Executor: Nancy Dowden. Witnesses: James Ferguson, William Dowden, Georme Summers (ibid., 103). Inventory of estate made October 15, 1812 (Vol. B, 1817–33, 147–48).

Parks, Andrew. Will dated July 21, 1812; probated November 23, 1812. Heirs: wife, Margaret Parks; children, John, Sarah. Executor: Margaret Parks. Witnesses: John and Sarah Parks, John Newland, John W. Coffey, John Sutton (ibid., Vol. A, 104–5).

Nugent, Willoughbu. Will dated January 13, 1812; probated October 14, 1812. Heirs: wife (name not given); children: Elender Adkins, John Ross, Ignatius, Benedick, Levi Augustus, David; grandchildren, William May, Polly Nugent. Executors: James McCoy, Levi Augustus Nugent. Witnesses: David Croce, John Montgomery (ibid., 108–9).

Huckleberry, George. Will dated September 29, 1806; probated

  • 1 Continued from Indiana Magazine of History, (June. 1939), XXXV, 224–229. Compiled from microfilm copies of Clark County. Indiana, Will Record A, 1801–17. and Will Record B, 1817–33. made for the Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration, in 1936. and deposited in the Archivea Division of the Indiana State Library.
January 9, 1813. Heirs :wife, Barbara; children: Henry, Jacob, John, Martin, Susanna, George, David, Abraham, Elizabeth. Witnesses: John H. Boldwin, Peter McDonald, Joseph Shaw (ibid., 110–11).

Stewart, James. Will dated April 4, 1810; probated March 22, 1813. Heirs: wife (name not given); children: Stephen, Isaac, Merchant, David, Elizabeth, Rebecca; Sarah Fleehart (relationship not indicated). Witnesses: William Goodwin, William Akin, Amos H. Goodwin (ibid., 112–13).

Stutsman (or Stootsman), Jacob. Will dated August 7, 1810; probated December 28, 1813. Heirs: children, Mary, Jacob, David, Samuel, Daniel; Philip Warman and Thomas Hutcheson (possibly sons-in-law). Executor: son, Daniel. Witnesses: Christian Parkey, Graham Anderson (ibid., 113–14).

Pearcy, Blake. Administrator, Thomas Pile, Appointed January 17, 1815. Bond, $400. Securities: Thomas Weathers, William Ferguson (ibid., 120).

Fait, George. Administrator, Andrew Fait, appointed March 27, 1815. Bond, $200. Securities: John Lemon, Henry L. Minor (ibid., 120–21).

Smith, Mary. Administrator, Peter Smith, appointed May 23, 1815. Bond, $2000. Securities: Alexander Buckner, Henry L. Minor. Inventory of estate made June 1815 (ibid., 121, 141).

Herrod, James. Administrator, Sarah Herrod (mother), appointed July 19, 1815. Bond, $250. Securities: George Newland, William P. Meredith. (ibid., 122).

Owens, Hervey. Administrator, John Owens, appointed July 22, 1815. Bond, $700. Securities: William P. Meredith, James McCampbell (ibid., 122–23).

Seveney, Thmas. Administrator, Mordecai Seveney, appointed August 1, 1815. Bond, $300. Securities: James McCampbell, David Vance (ibid., 123).

Hawn, Conrad. Administrator, David Spanger, appointed August 10, 1815. Bond, $1000. Securities: John Douthitt, James McCampbell. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 124, 144–49).

Robison, William. Administrator, widow Martha Robison, appointed October 2, 1815. Bond, $400. Securities: James Seaton (?), Joseph Roberts (ibid., 125). Appraisement of personal property made October 4 and 5, 1815 (Vol. B, 135–36).

Bowmun, Joseph. Will (no date). Administrator, William Bowman, appointed February 26, 1816. Bond, $12,000. Securities: John Douthitt, John Weathers. Heirs: brothers and sisters, not named except for sister, Thompson; James Fisler; Sally Steed. Negro woman named Delphey to serve his sister for six years and then be liberated (ibid., Vol. A, 126, 133–35).

Reed, William. Will and codocil dated March 28, 1814; probated May 4, 1814. Heirs: wife, Sarah Reed; children, names not given except for eldest son, Joseph. Executors: Sarah Reed, Joel Coombs. Witnesses: William Herrod, James Fordyce, Robert Weir (ibid., 126–28).

Brown, John. Will dated February 28, 1814; probated June 8, 1814. Heirs: wife, Polly Brown; children, names not given except for son, Samuel. Executors: Isaac Lamb, Polly Brown. Witnesses: William Temple, Reuben Rucker (ibid., 128–29). Appraisement of personal property made June 13, 1814 (Vol. B, 159–61).

Roby, Leonard. Will dated June 8, 1815; probated August 2, 1815. Heirs: wife, Lucy Roby; children, names not given except for daughter Betsy and son Henry. Executors: Henry Roby, John Miller. Witnesses: Henry Bottorff, Abraham Epler, John Kelley (ibid., Vol. A, 130–31). Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 142–44, Vol. B, 101–4).

Pile, Richard. Administrator, widow Rebecca Pile, appointed March 26, 1816. Bond, $800. Securities: James Lemon, Samuel Merriwether (ibid., Vol. A, 131–32).

McCann, Thomas. Administrator, Jonathan Lewis, appointed April 10, 1816. Bond, $1000. Securities: Richard Aston, William P. Meredith (ibid., 132, 135). James Lemon appointed administrator on August 18, 1819 (Vol. B, 93).

Kelley, Thomas Ferguson. Administrator, John Kelley, appointed April 19, 1816. Bond, $100. Securities: James Lemon, Samuel Prather (ibid., Vol. A, 133).

Blowman, Mary. Will dated June 6, 1814; probated March 26, 1816. Heirs: sister, Elizabeth Thompson, and on her death to her children, Susan and Samuel. Executor: Samuel Gwathmey. Witnesses: Roderick Griffith, Basel Prather (ibid., 136–37).

Provine, Mary. Will dated August 26, 1815; probated September 4, 1815, in Jefferson County, Indiana. Heirs: children, William, Alexander, Ann Henderson, Polly McClintick, Rebekah McClintick; three grandchildren of deceased daughter, Sarah Harris. Saddle to negro woman Judy with request that no steps be taken to bring Judy and her children into bondage. Executors: son, William, John Telford. Witnesses: William Dunn, John Maxwell. Bill of sale (ibid., 137–38, 168).

Provine, William. Will dated October 11, 1816 [1815]; probated November 6, 1815. Heirs: wife, Polly Provine, and children, names not given. Executor: Polly Provine. Witnesses: William Gulick, Joseph Reese, John Telford. Appraisement and personal property and bill of sale, December 21 and 23, 1815 (ibid., 139–40, 169–75).

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