Abstracts of Early Wills of Jackson County, Indiana

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Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 257-258

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Abstracts of Early Wills of Jackson County, Indiana

Sullivan, Patrick—June 29, 1817; probated Feb. 27. 1818; names wife Jane, son Patrick, son Henry, son William, daughters Jane, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, and Susannah; children not of age, son John, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, and Susannah. Will Book, No. 1, Jackson County, Indiana, 1.

Jessop, Thomas—Dec. 9, 1819; probated March 15, 1820; wife, Mary; children, Thomas, Isaac, Nathan, Jessop, Ruth Perisho, Ester Newby, Patience Mills, Sarah Gray; witnesses, Thomas Storm, George Jones, Jesse Dixon; executors, Isaac, Jessop, Enoch. Ibid., 4.

Draper, Nathan—Apr. 6, 1822; probated June 5, 1822; wife, Mary; son Jonathan, son Robert, son Nathan, son Peter, daughter Mary; mentions brother-in-law, Thomas Jessop. Ibid., 6.

Alsup, John—Aug. 30, 1824; probated Nov. 8, 1824; wife and William Newland executors; no children mentioned. Ibid., 12.

Rephart, George—August 15, 1824; probated Aug. 21, 1824; witnesses, Jesse B. Durham, Henry Boas, Sr., and Henry Boas, Jr. (No wife or children mentioned); devises to George Iseninge $40; "for which I hold notes"; all money due to him from Government mentioned; Henry Boas, Sr., Executor. Ibid., 14.

Marshall, William—Jan. 1, 1825; probated Oct. 1, 1825; wife Elizabeth, sons Claver and Malen, Simon, Jehu (?), John, William, daughters, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel. Witnesses: Samuel Stamfield-Solomon Ruddick-William Cox. Ibid., 15.

Keith, Daniel—April 2, 1824, probated Oct. 23, 1824; wife, Rosy; daughters, Rosanah, Polly, Prudence Jones, Elizabeth Reddick; one-third of estate divided; Constance lone, ten dollars she has in her own hands; witnesses, Elisha Ruddick, James Denny and William Payne. Ibid., 18.

Green, William C.—May 30, 1829; probated Aug. 10, 1829; wife, Elizabeth; sons, Robert, Clark, and McCallan; daughters, Henrietta, Emily, Camila; brother-in-law, Jarry Coots; a sum to be given to him, equal to sum given to him, by each of "my brothers separately," and if he likes to remain with the family, and work with the sons of the farm; beloved wife, Elizabeth, and my brother Nathaniel Green, Executors; witnesses, Seth K. Kenckley—Charles Bakelshy-mer and David McIntire. Ibid., 20.

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