Title Reviewed:
Anglo-French Boundary Disputes in the West, (1749–1763)

Author Reviewed:
Theodore Calvin Pease



Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp 219-219

Article Type:
Book Review

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Anglo-French Boundary Disputes in the West, (174–763) Edited by Theodore Calvin Pease. Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield. Pp. clxxi, 607, maps, $2.50.

This large volume (Illinois Historical Collections, XXVII, "French Series", II) is made up of an "Introduction" of one hundred seventy-one pages and five hundred sixty-eight pages of documents. The "Introduction" is, as the author states, "in a sense the story of the Franco-English diplomacy of the Seven Years Warquot;. It is divided into three parts: "To the Rupture of Diplomatic Relations, July, 1775"; "War and Diplomacy, 175–761"; "The Making of the Peace of Parisquot;.

The "Documents" are printed chronologically, but under sixteen headings in as many separate divisions. The French documents appear in the original language with accompanying translations. They constitute an unusual body of excellent source material carefully edited and preceded by a brief but scholarly monograph. The index seems to be fully adequate. The volume is indeed a splendid piece of work which students of Anglo-French relations in the period from 1755 to 1763 will welcome and use to advantage.


Published by the Indiana University Department of History.