Account Book of Francis Bosseron

Janet P. Shaw


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp 212-241

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Documents Account Book of Francis Bosseron

Edited by JANET P. SHAW


The Bosseron Account Book, printed below in the original French and in translation, owes its importance to the fact that it was kept by Francis Bosseron, a pioneer merchant and the Mayor of Vincennes, at intervals during the period from September, 1777, until January, 1782, while the forces of the British and Americans were struggling for possession of the town. It is the longest manuscript in the so-called Lasselle Collection of business and family papers, newspaper files, etc., belonging to the Lasselle and Bosseron families in pioneer times, which were gathered together by the late Charles Bosseron Lasselle, a grandson of Mayor Bosseron. The Collection was acquired by the Indiana State Library in 1908.

The chief value of the old Account Book lies naturally in the first-hand information it furnishes of conditions in Vincennes when the town was captured by the Americans, and the proofs it affords of the valuable assistance given to George Rogers Clark by Mayor Bosseron, timely and necessary aid that has never been generally recognized.

It is a very human document for it possesses the unique interest of revealing, often from day to day, the purposes and occupations of various people who are at present in the limelight of history. With the help of a very little imagination, the student of the entries may see Captain Helm arriving in the town with almost no money and not long after, September 25th, beginning to requisition supplies for the garrison and comforts of various kinds for himself from the hospitable Mayor. All through the fall he is shown making friends with the neighboring tribes of Indians—with "Tobacco and his band", "the chief of the Pians", "the Loup chief", "the Ouyatanons", "the Outasias", "the Souteux", "the Coux savages", etc.—doubtless preparing the way for Colonel Clark to make treaties when he was free to leave the Illinois country.

In the same record may be found the facts in regard to the purchase of the historic flag of Vincennes and its maker, Madame Goderre, the "Betsey Ross of the West". It is shown here to have been a red and green pennant [pavilion] or company banner, presumably prepared for the volunteer company of which Mayor Bosseron was captain.

On December 17th, 1778, the day when the British army was reported to be "not three miles distant", the dauntless American obtained from his friend Bosseron, 241 pounds of beef and 150 pounds of powder, apparently in a last desperate effort to hold the fort against Hamilton and his army of Indians and Red Coats.

The Account Book is also of interest for the insight it gives into French pioneer book-keeping. All accounts are naturally recorded in French livres, sous [or sols], and deniers. The sign of the livre resembles a ditto mark. Spanish piastres and American dollars are also current coins and have the same value [five livres.] Individual accounts are usually labelled as due in pelts or livres, 12 livres in pelts being equal to 10 in specie in some of the business transactions recorded in Bosseron's various papers.

The text of the manuscript is reproduced here with as much accuracy as possible. The original is a thin ledger-shaped pamphlet, consisting of perhaps thirty pages, sewed together by hand and provided with a cover of brown wrapping paper. It is not possible to indicate the faded ink, the careless penmanship, the illegible and scratched out entries, the worn pages, etc. Capitals are scattered about with little regard for rule or uniformity. The spelling is, in many places, confusingly phonetic and often varies from line to line in other ways. However, in spite of all these confusing conditions, the book is surprisingly clear as a whole, and Bosseron shows himself to have been in many ways, a man of ability and one of much better education than most of the people of the time.

The account book contains five records which are all more or less distinct:

  1. Bosseron's Day Book from March 9th, 1779, to the following July. This was a time of unusual prosperity in the village as a result of the payment of salaries and other bills by the British officers before their departure as prisoners of war. A statement of the division of the stores captured with the boats intended for Hamilton, etc. (First fourteen pages of the Account Book.)
  2. A memorandum of bills of exchange accepted by Bosseron from the Americans in return for supplies, loans, services to the army, etc. (Fifteenth page.)
  3. One page of the British account—evidently incomplete. (Sixteenth page.)
  4. The personal account of Captain Helm. (Seventeenth and eighteenth pages.)
  5. An itemized bill for supplies furnished Helm for the volunteer garrison of the Fort from September 25th, 1778, until the coming of the British on December 17th. (Nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first pages.)


[First page]1

Le 9 Mars2 [1779] fort henry Patrik3

Doit M. LaSelle4 1 lre 1/4 sucre a 7 s [sous] En argen 10 s[sous]
Doit M. Legras5 Pelteris
1. pre Soulier aho6 18 [livres]
1. pre Soulier a garcon 15
3. an [illegible] a 18 54
1. an 1/2 ditto a Bienvenir7 27
1. plaque fusil qe Bienvenir 12 [livres]
  10 [sous]
M. hunault - pre Soulier a fe 15|
M. Serrat 1 pre ditto a ho 15
Millet Cardinal 2 pre ditto a garcon 30
Capne helm 1 pre Soulier a ho 18|
1 Canif8 3
Capne William 1 pre Soulier a ho 18|
Mr Vaudry9 3 an [meant for aune] 18| 54|
Canady 1. Canif 3
Chorette 1. Canif 3

  • 1 The pages in the original Account Book have no numbers.
  • 2 The date, March 9, indicates that this part of the Account Book deals with the period immediately following the departure of the English when bills of various kinds had been settled with the townspeople. The cargoes of the British boats captured by the Americans, were also divided among the soldiers and Creoles and add d to the unusual prosperity. The first fourteen pages of the Account Book evidently served as Bosseron's day book. The records in the back of the book are tabulations copied from some notes. These are not printed as a part of the Account Book.
  • 3 Notice the name, fort henry Patrick. It is called fort Patrick in most of the accounts. Bosseron seldom, if ever, uses a capital F or H in the book, even in writing his own name. It is possible that he never learned to capitalize these letters.
  • 4 The Lasselle family was prominent in early Vincennes. Nicolas Lasselle was keeper of stores for Hamilton. See list of Hamilton's officers in History of the Northwest Territory, 1778-1783, and Life of George Rogers Clark, by W. H. English. Hyacinthe Lasselle married Bosseron's daughter, Julia, and was the father of Charles Bosseron Lasselle to whom we are indebted for the preservation of the Account Book. The abbreviation s stands for sou, of which 20 made a livre; e.g., 12| 10s = 12 livres and 10 sous.
  • 5 J. M. P. Legras is frequently mentioned in histories of the period for his services to Clark. He was appointed Military Commander of the fort and became one of the first judges of the Illinois county under Governor Todd.

[Miss Shaw has been long interested in the services of Francis Bosseron to the American cause in the West during the Revolutionary War. She has labored with the papers in the Lasselle collection in the Indiana State Library for the past two years, and now presents the Account Book in the original French and in translation, believing that all who are interested in the history of the Old Northwest will gather from the document the importance of the aid extended to Clark by Bosseron.—Editor]


[First page]

March 9 [1779] Fort Patrick Henry.

Debtor Mr. Lasselle—1/14 pounds of sugar at 7 sous in silver 10 Sous
Debtor Mr. Legras— Pelts
1 pr shoes for men 18 livres
1 pr shoes for boys 15
3 ells [illegible] at 18 livres 54 livres
1 ½ ditto to Bienvenir 27
1 musket plate to Bienvenir 12 10
Mr. Hunault—1 pr shoes for women 15 livres
Mr. Serrat—1 pr ditto for men 15
Millet Cardinal—2 pr ditto for boys 30
Capt. Helm—1 pr shoes for men 18 livres
1 pen knife 3
Capt. Williams—1 pr shoes for men 18 livres
Mr. Vaudry—3 ells [illegible] at 18 livres 54 livres
Canady—1 pen knife 3
Chorette—1 pen knife 3

  • 1Tougas Lainé may mean Tougas lanier, that is Tougas, the wool-worker. The name Tougas is probably a surname. Joseph Tougas was named as a land owner in 1783. Bosseron occasionally used the occupation as a part of a man'e name.
  • 6 1 pre Soulier aho, a homme, "1 pair of men's shoes." See also below soulier a fe. "women's shoes," and soulier a gracon, "boy's shoes." These entries are confusing in the original Mss. as the abbreviations are little more than signs in Bosseron's hurried script.
  • 7An at the beginning of this line, is evidently the abbreviation for aune, the old French measure which corresponds to the English ell. The length is said to have varied in different localities, the Parisaune being 42.77 inches.
  • 8 The purchase of pocket knives by Captain Helm is amusingly frequent. It is probable that he found them a convenient medium of exchange.
  • 9 The names of more than one hundred and fifty individuals, groups, tribes of Indians, coureurs des bois, etc., are mentioned in the pages of the Account Book. It is probable that Bosseron had also numerous "cash" customers. It must be remembered, however, that the average pioneer household was almost self-supporting and only luxuries and manufactured goods which were imported from Detroit, were purchased.
A S Selin 1 Canif 3
Beaudoine Jean L'Ours 1 pre Soulier a fe 12
3 Canif 3| 9
W Montgomerie [Crossed out in the Account Book] valade 1 Canif 3
Roy Volontaire—1 pr Soulier a ho 18
Mr Legrand 1 pr Soulier a garcon 15
M Drouard 1 chapeau 20
Vailette 1 chapeau fin 25
un chapeau 6
Doit Laselle 1 an 1/2 a 18| 27
3 an Cotton a 8| 24
Mr Chabert 3 an Cotton a 8| 24

[Second page]

1779 fort Patrik Le Mars 1779

Doit Le petit Peltier payé a la fleur 12-5
Doit Durbois fils 1 cuilliere a pot 6|
1 grand Bassin 9
Doit Tougas Lainé 1 chapeau 15|
1 chapeau a son frere Le jeune 15
Dt Laganiere par notre bon 6 pelteris
Doit Paulette gamelin 3 an Cotton a 8| 24|
— Ditto [9 Mars] —  
Doit M Drouard  
1/3 Drap 5|
2 an petite tavelle 10
Doit Bounaventure Dutremble  
1 grand Bassin 9|
Doit M Legras En pelteris
6 Moulle a chandelle a 3| 18|
1 couliere ap eau 6|
Doit annaris Carabinei pelteris
2 Livres de thais Boueé a 12 24|
10 petite Basin a 2| 20|
Doit Roy Volontaire10 1 grand Bassin 9|
Doit Adhemar11 4 an 1/2 cotton [crossed out in the Account Book]
Doit Mourés Bastonés Argent
2 onche de thais Boueé12 3|

  • 10 Bosseron designates the men who joined the British while they were in Vincennes, as "volunteers."
  • 11 Adhemar St. Martin was Bosseron's agent (or partner) in Detroit, to whom he sent the furs he collected in Vincennes and received in exchange the manufactured articles lifted in the Account Book. There are several letters from St. Martin in the Lasselle collection giving in detail the contents of the packages in certain consignments, the prices he paid for the articles in Detroit and occasionally those paid in France. Most of the items in the Account Book seem to have a standard price.
  • 12thais Boueé—théBohea, Chinese tea.
To S. Selin—1 pen knife 3
Beaudoine Jean L'Ours 1 pr shoes for women 12
3 pen knives at 3 livres 9
Valade—1 pen knife 3
Roy-volunteer—1 pr shoes for men 18
Mr. Legrand—1 pr shoes for boys 15
Mr. Drouard—1 hat 20
Vailette—1 fine hat 25
1 hat 6
Debtor Lasselle 1/12 ells [illegible] at 18 livres 27
3 ells of cotton at 8 livres 24
Mr. Chabert—3 ells of cotton at 8 livres 24

[Second page]

1779 Fort Patrick March 9 1779

Debtor Little Peltier—paid to LaFleur 12 5
Debtor Durbois, Jr.,—1 jar ladle 6 livres
1 large basin 9
Debtor Tougas Lainé1—1 hat 15 livres
1 hat for his brother, The Younger 15
Debtor Laganiere, by our check 6 pelts
Debtor Paulette Gamelin—3 ells cotton at 8 livres. 24 livres
  Ditto [March 9]
Debtor Mr. Drouard  
1/3 yard of cloth 5 livres
2 ells of binding 10 sous
Debtor Bonaventure Du Tremble  
1 large basin 9 livres
Debtor Mr. Legras In pelts.
6 candle molds at 3 livres 18 livres
1 water filter 6 livres
Debtor Annaris, the carabinier pelts
2 pounds of Chinese tea at 12 livres 24 livres
10 small basins or cups at 2 livres 20 livres
Debtor Roy, volunteer—1 large basin 9 livres
Debtor Moures [Morris] Bastones Silver
2 ounces of Chinese tea 3 livres

[Third page]

1779 fort Patrick Le 10 fevrier13

Doit adhemar 5 lre sucre  
Doit Dolfin Volontaire 1 mouchoir 7|-10
3 an Cotton a 7|-10 s 22-10
1/2 an d'indienne 4|
Doit Rous Volontaire 1 an 1/8 de drapt a 15 16| -5
— 11 e [Fevrier] —  
Doit Daunais Volontaire en argent 25
— Ditto [11 e Fevrier] —  
Doit Joseph Baron Volontaire Pelteris
1 an 1/2 Drap fin a 15| 22| 10
1 an 1/2 Cotton a 7| 10 10| 10
3 Echevaux fit a 4 s 12
Doit adhemar Compté a hamelin  
La ganiere en argent14 69| 15
Doit Beaudouin Pavé a perrodat 13|
Avoir de chorette15 par son voyage  
qu Le Roy miamis 51 pelteris
Avoir de germain Clement pour  
son voyage au mis que Le Roy 91 pelteris
Doit pierre godere pelteris
3 livres de plom a 30 s 4| 10
Doit le Capne La Cavallerie  
1 mouchoir 15| en argent  
Paye a Goudon 25 ditto  

[Fourth page]

1779 fort Patrick Le 11 mars

Doit Ouvreuillet Michel argent
1 Cappe Camelot fin16 60|
1 sac avec La garniture 120
8 livres sucre a 4 s 32 s
— ditto [11 Mars] —  
Doit adhemar 5 verges de perss  
5 an 1/2 indienne a  
Avoir adhemar par Baulon17 39| 15
Doit Legras En pelteris  
5 Livres de poudre a 5|18 25
1 Rouleaux Ruban 18
1 carabine 120
— 12 [Mars] —  
Avoir d'adhemar par Masnard 25| 10

  • 13 This page of the Account Book is out of place, chronologically. It belongs after the British account on the sixteenth page as the last date there is February 5th. Many of the items also concern the business transacted for the British army or with the French volunteers. A list of these volunteers may be found in W. H. English. Conquest of the Northwest Territory, Appendix.
  • 14 This is a good sample of Bosseron's banking methods. Money paid or received is recorded like other commodities.
  • 15Chorette and Germain Clement are perhaps two of the coureurs des bois whose trips are charged against the British in the account on the sixteenth page for January 28th.

[Third page]

1779 Fort Patrick 10th of February

Debtor Adhemar—5 pounds of sugar  
Debtor Dolfin, volunteer—1 handkerchief 7 livres-10s
3 ells of cotton at 7 livres—10s 22 10
½ ell of calico 4 livres
Debtor Rous, volunteer 1 1/8 ells of cloth at 15 L 16 livres 5
— 11th [Feb.] —  
Debtor Daunais, volunteer in silver 25
— Ditto [Feb. 11] —  
Debtor Joseph Baron, volunteer  
1 ½ ells of fine cloth 22 livres-10
1 ½ ells of cotton at 7 livres—10s 10 livres-10
3 skeins of yarn at 4 s 12
Debtor Adhemar—account of Hamelin—  
[Paid to] Laganiere in silver 69 livres-15
Debtor Beaudoin—Paid to Perrodat 13 livres
Creditor to Chorette for his journey  
for the King to the Miamis 51 pelts
Creditor to Germain Clement for
his journey to the allies for the King 91 pelts
Debtor Pierre Godere pelts  
3 pounds of lead at 3 s 4 livres-10
Debtor the Captain of the Cavalry  
1 handkerchief 15 livres in silver
Paid to Goudon 25 ditto

[Fourth page]

1779 Fort Patrick 11th of March

Debtor Ouvreuillet Michel  
1 fine chamois skin cap 60 livres
1 embroidered coat 120
8 pounds of sugar at 4 s 32-s
— ditto [11th of March] —  
Debtor Adhemar—5 rods of dark blue cloth  
5 ½ ells of calico  
Creditor Adhemar by Baulon 39 livres-15
Debtor Legras in pelts  
5 pounds of powder at 5 livres 25 livres
1 piece of ribbon 18
1 rifle 120
— 12 [March] —  
Creditor Adhemar by Mesnard 25 10

  • 16 Notice the luxurious cap and embroidered coat.
  • 17Nippolite Baulon was an Indian interpreter.
  • 18 The price which Bosseron charged for powder was low compared with that in other places and was probably one reason that the possession of the western posts was important to the United States. He charges from 5 to 8 livres ($1 to $1.60) a pound. Clark paid $2 a pound in Kaskaskia (English, History of the Northwest Territory). Oliver Pollock purchased ten thousand pounds for $18,000 in New Orleans in April, 1776, for the use of the Colonial Army. See James, George Rogers Clark, p. 93.
Avoir de Charles guilbauht19  
pour son voyage 100| en argent
Doit Charles Guilbauts par mon bon 15|
En argent  
Avoir de Joseph Dubé par pierre 21|
Ambleton en pelteris  
Doit Valé 1 an Cotton 8| pelteris
1/3 Drap fin 5
— 13 [Mars] —  
Doit Beaudouin volontaire 59 pelteris
Paye a M Ambleton  
Pour Euban 45 argent
— 14 [Mars] —  
Doit pierre goderre 1 lre plomb 30 s

[Fifth page]

fort Patrick Le 14e mars

Avoir de Paul Gamelin20 par une lettre  
dechange du jour de hamilton 186| en argent
Avoir de M Lafoy pour reste de sa paye  
payé a M hay21 120 En argent
Avoir de nicolas LaSelle pour reste  
sa paye payé a M hay 120| En argent
Avoir de Joseph andré pour une  
chaudiere que Le Roy 60 En argent
Avoir de Fr Bosseron  
pour vue par Le Congrés pour bois et Madrier 550
Chaudiere fournice a M hay 60 En argent
Par Le Congrés pour Lard 779| 10
— 14 [Mars] —  
Doit M Lafois pelteris
1 an 1/2 de Cotton a 7| 10 s 11| 5s
— 14 [Mars] —  
Doit Mr Charlle Rehornew pelteris
1 an 1/2 Cotton a 7| 10 s 11| 5s
— 14 [Mars] —  
Doit Bodoin pelteris
paye a vodrille 54
— 14 [Mars] —  
Doit M Legras  
paye a Laselle 10| En argent
payé a fr Languedaux 109 argent
Doit Charles Languedaux Pelteris
Reste Sur du Coton 2| 10

  • 19Charles Gilbaut was evidently a coureur des bois. He was a householder in Vincennes.
  • 20Paul Gamelin was one of the French volunteers in the British army. He married Margueritte Drouet de Richeville, Bosseron's sister-in-law and ward.
  • 21 Major John Hay was the British officer second in rank to General Hamilton.
Creditor to Charles Gilbauht—  
for his journey 100 livres in silver
Debtor Charles Gilbauts—by my check 15
in silver  
Creditor to Joseph Dubé by Pierre 21
Ambleton in pelts  
Debtor Valé—1 ell of cotton 8 livres pelts
1/3 ell of fine cloth 5
— 13 [March] —  
Debtor Beaudoin—volunteer 59 pelts
Paid to Ambleton  
For ribbon 45 livres silver
— 14 [March] —  
Debtor Pierre Goderre—1 pound lead 30 s

[Fifth page]

Fort Patrick 14th of March

Creditor Paul Gamelin—by a letter  
of exchange on Hamilton 186 livres in silver
Creditor Mr. Lafoy for the remainder of his salary  
paid to Mr. Hay 120 livres in silver
Creditor Nicolas Lasselle for the remainder of his  
salary paid to Mr. Hay 120 livres in silver
Creditor Joseph André to one  
boiler for the King 60 in silver
Creditor Francis Bosseron—  
For wood and joists ordered by Congress 550
Boiler furnished to Mr. Hay 60 in silver
By Congress—for bacon 779 livres 10
— 14 [March] —  
Debtor Mr. Lafois, pelts  
1/1/2 ells of cotton at 7 livres 10s 11 livres 5s
— 14 [March] —  
Debtor Mr. Charles Rehornew pelts  
1 ½ ells of cotton at 7 livres 10 11 livres 5s
— 14 [March] —  
Debtor Bodoin, pelts  
Paid to Vodrille Vaudry 54
— 14 [March] —  
Debtor Mr. Legras  
Paid to Lasselle 10 in silver
Paid to Fr Languedaux 109 silver
Debtor Charles Languedaux pelts
Amount due on cotton 2 livres 10

[Sixth page]

1779 Doit Consinot22

mars 19

payé par Mon bon a M perot 76| 10s
En pelteris  
Doit Majord Boman23  
1 Renard 3| argent
Doit olivier pelletis24  
une farramente dechario  
Completto 100|
Doit muris virginien  
2 an de Ruban 6|
1 Renard 3
Doit Canaday  
1 LaSelle chodiere 65|
1 Renard 3|
paye pour du rum 20|
Doit Laganiere, pelteris  
1 Livres depoudres 6|
— 20 [Mars] —  
Doit Durachés pelteris
1 an 1/2 des equive a 12| 10s 18| 15
Doit Lardoize  
4 Livres de plom a 30 s 6|
Avoir de jh Lamoureau Pelteris
par chartier 37

[Seventh page]

Mars 20 Doit Petite peltier Pelteris
Paye a Denoon  
pour Brülere25 12| 10 s
— 20 [Mars] —  
Doit piere Blanchard, argent  
Reste sur du Coton 20|
Doit M fr Barois  
2 Livres de poudre  
6 liv deplom  
— 20 [Mars] —  
Avoir de M Lafaures  
en argent 60|
Dit 7|
Ditto par perette argent 15|
Doit gilbaun pelteris
2 Liv de plom a 30s 3 [livres]
Doit M Ste Marit pelteris
4 liv de plom a 30s 6
Avoir de M Ste Marit  
En pelteris 10| 10s

  • 22 This account apparently concerns the spring consignment of furs to Detroit.
  • 23 "Majord Boman" probably refers to the American, Major Bowman. He is not mentioned elsewhere in the Account. He probably needed a new cap and purchased a fox pelt to make one.
  • 24Olivér pelletis may mean Olivier, the furrier. The Account Book contains names which may be explained in this way. Cf. Jean L'Ours, John Bear, Tougas Lainé (Tougas, the worker in wool). Possibly pelletis is intended to be pelteris.
  • 25 It is not clear whether the word Brülere is the name of a person or is intended for Brüloir, (a roaster,) or some other word.

[Sixth page]

1779 Debtor Consignment

March 19

Paid by check to M Perot 76
in pelts  
Debtor Major [d] Bowman  
1 fox 3 livres silver
Debtor Oliver Pelletis  
1 set of iron work for cart—  
complete 100
Debtor Morris, Virginian  
2 ells ribbon 6 livres
1 fox 3
Debtor Kennedy  
1 salt kettle 65 livres
1 fox 3 livres
Paid for rum 20 livres
Debtor Laganiere pelts
1 pound of powder 6 livres
20 [March]  
Debtor Durachés pelts
1 1/2 ells [illegible] 18 livres 15
Debtor Lardoize  
4 pounds of lead at 30s 6 livres
Creditor Jh. Lamoureau pelts
By Chartier 37 livres

[Seventh page]

March 20 Debtor Little Peltier pelts
Paid to Denoon  
For a roaster 12 livres 10s
20 [March]  
Debtor Pierre Blanchard  
Amount due on cotton 20 livres
Debtor Mr. Fr. Barois  
2 pounds of powder  
6 pounds of lead  
20 [March]  
Creditor Mr. Lafaures  
In silver 60 livres
Ditto 7 livres
Ditto par Perett argent 15 livres
Debtor Gilbaun  
2 pounds of lead at 30s  
Debtor M. Ste Marit [Marie]  
pelts 10 livres 10s
Doit Valcour pelteris
2 Liv de plom a 30s 3"
Avoir de M chapeaux  
Par Barois En argent 35
Doit a Bte chartier pelteris  
1 Mouchoir Rouge 7" 10
Doit Bodoin pelteris
4 Livres de plom payé  
a Belfin [?] 6

[Eighth page]

1779 Doit piere Baron En pelteris
Mars 1½ liv de plom a 30s 2" 5s
Doit tousin godere  
Paye a mayott 5"
Doit Lafleure pelteris
Paye a Mayott 30"
Doit Sergent Grine26 argent  
1 an 1/4 de Coton a 12" 10
1 an 1/4 de Coton a 15"
Doit Canaday7 argent  
100 Broquettes 2" 10s
Doit aselin pelteris
10 an de bord—a 7s 6d [deniers] 3" 15s
Doit Bodoin En pelteris  
1 Couverte 12" 10s
1/2 de drapt 3"
3 an de Cotton a 8" 24"
3 an de Ruban 16"
Paye a M Daginett 3"
Paye a Marié pont [pour?] Rouvre 15"
Doit Michelle Neaun En pelteris  
1 plaque afusillo 12" 10s
Doit—Dielle En pelteris  
1 gros ahe28 15
1 [illegible] 3

[Ninth page]

Doit Durbois fils pelteris
1 gros ahe 15"
Doit Comparés pel eris
1 grose ache 15"
6 an de Ruban a 3" 18"
Doit Louis garvais En pelteris  
1 paire de Soulier 12" 10s
Pour du Ruban 10" 10s
Doit Legrand Laviolette  
1/2 Livres de thais 3"

  • 26 Notice the spelling of Sergent Grine (Green).
  • 27 Canady is evidently phonetic spelling for Kennedy. Bosseron seldom spells the name twice alike. Cf. pathrique Kanady, eleventh page Patrick Kennedy was General Clark's quartermaster.
  • 28 The entry gros che appears several times with various spellings. It is evidently phonetic spelling for gros hache, a big hachet; i.e. an axe.
Debtor Valcour pelts
2 pounds of lead at 30s 3 livres
Creditor Mr. Chapeaux  
By Barois in silver 35 livres
Debtor Bte Chartier  
1 silk handkerchief 7 livres 10
Debtor Bodoin pelts
4 pounds of lead paid to Belfin [?] 6

[Eighth page]

1779 Debtor Pierre Baron In pelts
March 11/2 pounds of lead at 30s 2 livres 5s
Debtor Toussaint Godere  
Paid to Mayott 5 livres
Debtor Lafleure pelts
Paid to Mayott 30 livres
Debtor Sergeant Green silver  
1 1/4 ells of cotton 12 livres 10
1 1/4 ells of cotton at 15 livres
Debtor Kennedy silver
100 tacks 2 livres 5s
Debtor Seline pelts
10 ells of binding at 7 s 6 deniers [12d=l sous] 3 livres 15s
Debtor Bodoin in pelts
1 table cloth 12 livres 10s
1/2 ell of cloth 3 livres
3 ells of cotton at 8 livres 24 livres
3 ells of ribbon 16 livres
Paid to M Daginett 3 livres
Paid to Marie for Rouvre 15 livres
Debtor Michelle Neaun in pelts
1 rifle plate 15
Debtor Dielle  
1 axe 12 livres 10
1 [illegible] 3

[Ninth page]

April 5

Debtor Durbois, Jr. pelts
1 axe 15 livres
Debtor Compares pelts
1 axe 15 livres
6 ells of ribbon at 3 livres 18 livres
Debtor Louis Garvais in pelts
1 pair of shoes 12 livres 10s
For ribbon 10 livres 10s
Debtor Legrand Laviolette  
1/2 pound of tea 3 livres
Doit fr Bosseron  
Payé a M Legras argent 720"
Doit M St obin dejanot pelteris  
1 Douzen d'asiett de tin 24"
Doit Louis Laderoute  
Payé a M Courniere En argent 30"
fr Bosseron, Doit  
1 ache  
1 littr Ronde [Vonde?]  
Doit j Bte Donnais volontere argent
Pour Ruban 36" 5
Doit francois Bosseron  
Payé a M Legras argent ameriguenne 946"

[Tenth page]

Avril 18


Doit M Doroure J Bte Maloriv pelteris  
6 an 1/2 Ruban a 3" 19" 10s
3 an de Ruban Large a 3" 15 s 11" 5
  30" 15
22 [Avril]  
Doit charlle guilbeaux argent  
payé a fr ste piere 40"
Doit Bodioin argent  
derrier Compt  
31/2 % an de Ruban Largue a 7" 10s 45"29
Doit M St Maritt pelteris
Paye a Bte A Vilmartte 10"
23 [Avril]  
Doit Lanfans volontaire argent  
Pour Ruban Reste 30"
21 [Avril]
Doit olivieé En pelteris  
1 milliere Broquettes 12" 10
30 [Avril]  
Doit M Kanaday argent  
payé a Borthiomis 15"
payé a Mons tararouge 8"
Doit Lamoureuse pelteris  
pour Ruban fin 7" 10
Doit andrés Roy pelteris  
un fermand de charue 100"

[Eleventh page]

1779 Doit M Ste Sire  
Mais 4 2 Couverte fine 21/2 % pt a 25" 50"
  5 an 1/4 de drapt a 20" 105"
  2 moulle a chandelle a 5" 10"
  26 Livres de vermilion a 15" 390"
  Avoir 111 piastres a 5" 555"

  • 2931/2 ells of ribbon at 7 livres 10s would amount to 26 livres 5s. Therefore the former account must have been 18 livres 15 sous.
Debtor Francis Bosseron  
Paid to M Legras silver 720 livres
Debtor Mr. Stobin Dejanot pelts
1 dozen wooden dishes 24 livres
Debtor Louis Laderoute  
Paid to M Courniere in silver 30 livres
Francis Bosseron, Debtor  
1 ax  
1 liter of sweet wine [?]  
Debtor J Bte Donnais, volunteer silver
For ribbon 36 livres 5
Debtor Francis Bosseron  
Paid to Mr. Legras—American silver 946 livres

[Tenth page]

April 18


Debtor Mr. Doroure J. Bte Maloriv pelts  
6 1/2 ells of ribbon at 3 livres 19 livres 10s
3 ells of broad ribbon at 3 livres 15s 11 livres 10s
  30 livres 15s
22 [April]  
Debtor Charles Guilbeaux silver
Paid to Fr Ste Pierre 40 livres
Bebtor Bodoine silver
Former account  
3 1/2 ells of broad ribbon at 7" 10s 45 livres
Debtor M St Marie pelts
Paid to Bte A Vilmartte 10 livres
23 [April]  
Debtor Lanfans, volunteer silver  
For amount due on ribbon 30 livres
29 [April]  
Debtor Oliviee in pelts  
1 thousand tacks 12 livres 10
30 [April]
Debtor M Kennedy silver  
Paid to Berthiomis 15 livres
Paid to Mons Tararouge 8
Debtor Lamoureuse pelts  
For fine ribbon 7 livres 10
Debtor Andres Roy pelts  
1 set iron work for a cart 100 livres

[Eleventh page]

1779 Debtor Mr. Ste. Sire  
  2 fine table cloths—21/2 pt—at 25 livres 50 livres
  5 1/4 ells of cloth at 20 livres 105 livres
  2 candle molds at 5 livres 10 livres
  26 pounds of vermilion at 15 livres 390 livres
  Creditor 111 piastres at 5 livres 555
Doit peltiere pelteris  
payé argent achevalle 40"
13 [Juillet]  
Doit Michelle Brouilliett pelteris  
1 fusill fine 50"
Doit Baringon pelteris  
1 piece de toile Eusy 150"
avoir de Baargon pelteris  
1 paiece de Beufa 350"
1 tord de quarter an 100"
29 [Juillet]  
Doit jh chabott pelteris  
300 Broquettes a 40 s 6"
30 [Juillet]
Doit pathrique Kanaday pelteris  
payé a ste antoinne 49"
payé a Chartier 5"

[Twelfth page]

Doit francois Brouliet pelteris
pour etchange d'un juman 49"
12 Livres de Beuf a 10 s 6"
Doit Boudoin payé a jan hourch  
payé an argent 180"
payé a Roge 4
payé a M Dagenet 32
avoir de Lamoureus pelteris  
par Dagnaron 27
Doit adhemar  
3 paire de bas de Sois30  
avoir de fr Bosseron argent
6 Beuff fournie au Congréa a 400" 2400
2 vache ditto a 400" 800
200 Livres de tabac a 6" 1200
par chanonne [one word illegible] et dues31  
homme pour pansion 1000
Doit M Legras in pelteris  
payé 1 vache 150
Doit francois Bosseron pelteris  
payé a Manan 140"

[Thirteenth page]

avoir de fr Latour  
par luis 116 Livres de peau Rase 116"
par vieu pour luis 115"
avoir de dugalle  
143 Livres depeau Rase 143"
Doit Bodoin a fr Bosseron Seulle  
1 paire de Coulott de toille82  
1 paire de Coulott de Cuivre  
1 couverte  
payé pour Son Capeaux  
Doit fr Bosseron  
En pelteris payé a Daginett 52"

  • 30paire de has de sole, 3 pairs of silk stockings. This is the only example of the use of such a luxury.
  • 31Par Channone, etc. This line is entirely vague in meaning.
  • 321paire de coulott is evidently phonetic spelling for 1 paire de evlotte.
Debtor Peltiere pelts  
Paid silver to Chevalle 40 livres
13 [July]  
Debtor Brouilliett pelts  
1 fine shot gun 50 livres
Debtor Baringon pelts  
1 piece of Russian cloth 150 livres
Creditor Baargon pelts  
1 piece of beef 350 livres
1 quarter of a heifer 100
29 [July]  
Debtor J. Chabott pelts  
300 tacks at 40s [per hundred] 6 livres
30 [July]  
Debtor Patrick Kennedy  
Paid to Ste Antoinne 49 livres
Paid to Chartier 5 livres

[Twelfth page]

Debtor Francis Brouiliet pelts
For exchanging a mare 49 livres
12 pounds of beef at 10s 6 livres
Debtor Boudoin—Paid to Jan Hourch [?]  
Paid in silver 180 livres
Paid to Rogé 4
Paid to M Dagenet 32
Creditor Lamoureus pelts  
By Dagnaron 27
Debtor Adhemar  
3 pairs of silk stockings  
Creditor—Francis Bosseron silver  
6 beeves furnished to Congress at 400 livres 2400
2 cows ditto at 400 livres 800
200 pounds of tobacco at 6 livres 1200
By Shannon for [illegible] and housing of  
the men (?) 1000
Debtor Mr. Legras in pelts  
Paid for 1 cow 150
Debtor Francis Bosseron pelts  
Paid to Manan [Magnian?] 140 livres

[Thirteenth page]

Creditor Fr. Latour  
By himself 116 pounds of shaved skins 116 livres
By Vieu [Viau?] for him 115 livres
Creditor Dugalle  
143 pounds of shaved skins 143 livres
Debtor Bodoin to Francis Bosseron himself  
1 pair of cloth breeches  
1 pair of copper-colored breeches  
1 table cloth  
Paid for his hat  
Debtor Francis Bosseron  
In pelts, paid to Daginett 52 livres
Avoir de fr Bosseron En pelteris  
Par Latoure pour fr Bosseron 600"
Doit fr Bosseron pelteris  
payé a Lardoize 188"
Avoir du Carabinieé Knary  
En pelteris 10"
Doit Bte Chartier pelteris  
9 1/4 de fere a 40 s 18" 10

[Fourteenth page]

Doit Baargon payé a M  
Lagenes En pelteris 50"
payé a joph Dajenett 31"
avoir de francois Bosseron  
Payé a Baargon En pelteris 31"
Payé a Mr Legras pour une  
piece de toille Rusy que La Sosiete33  
Luis devais34 250"
paye a dite ferante parson pour La Somme  
de Deux mille Sept Cent quatre vingt Livres  
En pelteris que La Soisiete devais 2780"
Paye a lettire [?] Cageron une piece va Rusy 250"
Paye aperette six Cenquarante  
Livres Dis Solle Enpeaun Raze35 640" 10
payé a Lamirande pour  
une piece de toille de Rusy 300"
Payé a Mr Louis Malette pour une  
piece detoil Rusy36" 300"
Payé a charlle Lachine une  
piece detoil Rusy 300"
Doit fr Bosseron par  
pana 21"
Par mixie 50
Avoir par fr Bosseron 50
payé a fr chevodier 50
avoir de fr Bosseron  
Paid to Lachine in pelts 19" 5
payé Do 2" 10

  • 33La Sosiete, the society, or company, is frequently found in the business letters in the Lasselle collection. There was evidently some kind of a partnership, or business agreement, existing among the fur traders in various posts and their agents in Detroit.
  • 34Payé a dite fernate parson is evidently phonetic. The writing is not clear. It may mean, "paid to different persons."
  • 35 Shaved skins, or tanned leather, had a standard value as a medium of exchange.
  • 36 There is a receipt in the Indiana State Library signed by Louis Nalette which may be the one recorded here, but the lack of a date for this en ry makes identification impossible. This is true in regard to several entries. Toile d Ruay, Russian cloth, seems to have been much used but no description of it has been found.
Creditor Francis Bosseron in pelts  
By Latoure for Francis Bosseron 600 livres
Debtor Francis Bosseron pelts  
Paid to Lardoize 188 livres
Creditor the Carabinier, Knary  
In pelts 10 livres
Debtor Bte. Chartier  
9% pounds of iron [arrow heads?] at 40s 18 livres 10

[Fourteenth page]

Debtor Baargon, Paid to  
Mr. Lagenes in pelts 50 livres
Paid to Joph. Dajenett 31 livres
Creditor Francis Bosseron  
Paid to Baargon in pelts 31 livres
Paid to M Legras for one piece of Russian cloth  
which the Company owes him 250 livres
Paid to different people the sum of two thousand,  
seven hundred eighty livres, in pelts, which  
the company, owes 2780 livres
Paid to Lettire Cageron one piece of Russian cloth 250 livres
Paid to Perette, six hundred and forty livres, ten sols,  
in shaved skins 640 livres 10
Paid to Lamirande for one  
piece Russian cloth 300 livres
Paid to Mr. Louis Malette for one  
piece Russian cloth 300 livres
Paid to Charles Lachine, one  
piece Russian cloth 300 livres
Debtor Francis Bosseron to  
Mr. Pana 21 livres
By miscellaneous sums 50
Creditor Francis Bosseron 50
Paid to Chevodier 50
Creditor Francis Bosseron  
Paid to Lachine in pelts 19 livres 5
Paid to do 2 livres 10


[Fifteenth page]

Memoire Des Laitre deschange que37

janporte Le Compt Da diemarkt Conpagne a ste vincenne a 21 janviere

1782 pour Les Relgles avec Le generalle Clarche38

un Compte par un Rien Canday adatté

du 27 8ter aux jlinois 1780

de La Somme de Six Mille Cincen neufe Livres En argent

Surlesquelle CinCendix Livres pour mois

une Laitre deschange No 161 de

Laquantite de 2863 2-5 de piastres

a Date 18 Sept 1779 Signé Wm Shannon

une autre No 155 de 3803 4-5 piastres Shannon andatté

12 Aous 1779

une autre No 153 de 400 piastres andatte Aous 12 1779

une autre No 166 andate 8ter 10th 1779

Aux mon du Capt helm—1500 piastres signé Shannon

Une aur faite aux Illinois par le Capt

helm andatte 9bre 19 me 1779 de 1067 piastre

Surle trezuore de Lavirgini Signé helm

d'ou andose parluis39


[Sixteenth page]

Levées pour Le Compt de Sa Mageste40



5 voyages que poste Les vivres dabord ce [illegible] [?]40
2 vouage de Bois pourr Lessivé blés41 [?]
2 Boutaill vinde 3" [6"]
3 Baritte42 pour maiter Lagres a 13" [39"]
5 pouche a 6" [30"]
30 [Janvier]  
2 Baritte pour Ledepartemans  
de Capt McClomb a 12 [24?]
Fev 1  
27 minot 1/2 de mahis  
payé a deuvior a 6 [?]
1 champlure a LaSelle 7" 10
5 [Fevrier]  
16 Minot43 Mahis44 a [illegible] 12" 10 pelteris
paye a LaCroix 64" 10 en argent
pour LeBouche 90" En argent
pour facon des Bles Lessivé 160 En argent

  • 37 This memorandum lists sis of the letters of exchange owed to Mayor Bosseron In January, 1782. Evidently incomplete as the total amount due on these vouchers is $10,936, less than half of the five thousand twenty-four pounds, ten shillings, six pence, allowed to him by the Virginia commissioners. See record copied in sketch of Bosseron's life, above.
  • 38 It is evident that the spelling is worse than usual on this page of the Account Book. It is easier to make sense if the sound of the words is considered rather than the written form. The penmanship is also difficult to read and perhaps indicates the mental worry of Bosseron.
  • 39 This entry seems to be the "certified account numbered 5" which was returned to Bosseron by the Virginia commissioners in 1783. See record copied in sketch of Boss-eron's life, above. It is also almost certainly the account for the supplies provided Captain Helm for the garrison in the fall of 1778.


[Fifteenth page]

Memorandum of Letters of Exchange which concern the disbanded company at St Vincennes, to January, 1782, for the settlement with General Clark.

An account by one Rien Canday, dated the 27th of October, 1780 in Illinois, for the sum of six thousand five hundred nine livres, of which the sum of five hundred ten livres are for me.

A bill of exchange, No. 161, for the sum of 2863 2/5 piastres, dated the 18th of September, 1779, signed Wm Shannon.

Another, No. 155, for 3803 4/5 piastres, [signed by Shannon] dated the 12th of August, 1779.

Another, No 153, for 400 piastres, dated August 12, 1779.

Another, No 166, dated October 10th, 1779, to M Capt Helm, 1500 piastres, signed [by] Shannon.

Another made in Illinois by Capt Helm, dated November 19th, 1779, for 1067 piastres upon the Treasury of Virginia, signed [by] Helm and endorsed by him.


[Sixteenth page]

Items for the account of His Majesty



5 trips to carry provisions on board (or to land?) [?]
2 journeys through the woods for corn treated with [?]
lye [Hominy]  
2 bottles of sweet wine at 3 livres [6 livres]
3 berets for Maitre Lagres at 13 livres [39 livres]
5 pouches at 6 livres [30 livres]
30 [January]  
2 berets for the department of Captain Maclomb at  
12 [24]
February 1  
27 1/2 pecks of maize [Indian corn]  
paid to Deuvior at 6 [?]
1 [Champlure?] tap hole to Lasselle 7 livres 10
5 [February]  
16 pecks of maize 12 livres 10 in pelts
Paid to Lacroix 64 livres 10 silver
For Lebouche 90 livres In silver
For preparing corn with lye 160 in silver

  • 40 This account is evidently incomplete as General Hamilton had held the fort for six weeks before the first entry. The right margin of the page is badly worn and most of the amounts charged are lacking. See the third page of the Account Book for other British accounts.
  • 41Lessivé blés, corn treated with lye; i.e., hominy.
  • 42 The spelling Baritte makes possible three meanings; barett, a smaller Barrbarrette, a flat cap; barillet, a small barrel. The second meaning seems best.
  • 43 The minot was the old measure of 39 litres, also a large quantity, a peek.
  • 44Mahis = mais or maize [Indian corn].
paye a M huberdeau 140" (?) En argent [140"]
4 L Clouex que Le Detachement des mis [?]
8 L poudre que Le Detachement des mis [?]
300" en argent par Baulon [300"]
3 pirogues45 a 160 [480"]
pour magazinage [?]


[Seventeenth page]

Doit Mr le Captne helm46


8bre 20 1 chapeau 50"
  1 jeu de Carte 3
  7 an 1/2 rubane fin a 4" 10 33" 5
[Octobre] 5 3 Bouteilles taffias a 10 30
  1 an flanelle 5
[Octobre] 10 4 an 1/4 toille fine a 10 42" 10
  1 an toille de russy 10
[Octobre] 13 a luy prette pour Jean L'ours47" 79
  ditto pour M huberdeau 25
[Octobre] 16 4 mouchoirs par Kennedy 17" 10
[Octobre] 17 1 pot taffias que ditto 20
  1 Bouteille ditto 10
[Octobre] 24 Payé a James 80
9bre 1 1 Capotte 95
  1 canif 3
[Novembre] 28 Payé a huberdeau 1 pot et chopine48  
  franche Eau ds vie 25 31" 5
[Novembre] 29 2 mouchoirs a 10" 20
[Novembre] 30 1 Bouteille Taffias 10
  1 habillement pour 150
  payé a James  
  par Compte chez Brouillet euartre Bouteilles taffias a 20" pot 40
  par ses Bons 5 pots taffias a 20" 100
  En differents fois chez Brouillet  
  3 pots taffias a 20 60
Dbre 26 3 pots taffias chez Brouillet a 20 60
  payé a Renaux 20
  1 potte pour Les Sauvages 20
  paye Crepeaux 10

[Eighteenth page]

Suitte de l'autre part    
  payé a Mr Dajenette 13" 10
  3 pot de Tafias 60
Mars 28 Payé pour Sapart d'une Bte de Tafias 20

  • 45 It is interesting to note the occupations of the British on February 5, the day that General Clark set out for Vincennes. The three pirogues were probably purchased for the purpose of searching for the lost ships with supplies which the British expected.
  • 46 This is the personal account of Captain Helm. It is not included in that sent to General Clark for the expenses of the garrison.
  • 47 The name of Jean L'Ours is spelled in many ways. He is also known as Dominique Bergante in some of the legal papers in the Indiana State Library.
  • 48L pot et chopine = about two quarts and a pint. Old French Measures.
Paid to Mr. Huberdeau 140 livres [?] [140 livres]
4 pounds of nails for the company of Indian allies [?]
8 pounds of powder for the company of Indian allies [?]
300 livres in silver by Baulon [300 livres]
3 pirogues at 160 [480 livres]
For storage [?]


[Seventeenth page]

To Captain Helm, Dr.


Oct. 20 1 hat 50 livres
  1 pack of cards 3
  7 1/2 ells of fine ribbon at 4 10s 33 livres 5
[Oct.] 5 3 bottles of taffias rum at 10 30
  1 ell of flannel 5
[Oct.] 10 4 1/2 ells of fine muslin at 10 42 livres
  1 ell of Russian cloth 10
[Oct.] 13 Lent to him for Jean L'Ours 79
  Ditto for M Huberdeau 25
[Oct.] 16 4 handkerchiefs by Kennedy 17 10
[Oct.] 17 1 jug of taffias by ditto 20
  1 bottle ditto 10
[Oct.] 24 Paid to James 80
November 1 1 overcoat 95
  1 penknife 3
Nov. 28 Paid to Huberdeau  
  1 jug and a chopine of pure brandy at 25 31 5
Nov. 29 2 handkerchiefs at 10 20
Nov. 30 1 bottle taffias 10
  1 suit for 150
  Paid to James  
  By account with Brouillet  
  4 bottles taffias at 20 per jug 40
  By check—5 jugs taffias at 20 100
At different times with Brouillet    
  3 jugs taffias at 20 60
December 26 3 jugs taffias with Brouillet at 20 60
  Paid to Reneaux 20
  1 jug for the Indians 20
  Paid to Crepeaux 10

[Eighteenth page

Continued from the other part.    
  Paid to Mr. Dajenett 13 livres 10
  3 jugs taffias 60
March 28 Paid for his part of one case2 of  
  taffias 20

  • 1 This account is probably responsible for Helm's reputation of being a heavy drinker. It is only fair to remember that the account covers the time from October 5th to April 27th. Three of the purchases were for other people and the other nine were evidently for social occasions usually shared with his friend Brouillet.

    Case seems the correct translation for Bte., in this instance. Bte could hardly be meant for bouteille, as a bottle of taffias sold for ten livres. Bte. is here probably an abbreviation for boite.

[Mars] 29 1 lancette 5
Avril 23 1 liv devermion 20
[Avril] 27 Paye a jh vodrill 5


[Nineteenth page]

1778 fournie au Capne Helm pour les Compagne des Etats.49

  Savoir comme suit
  1 gre mitasse50 que L'interprette 7" 10
7bre 25 2 Barils vinde51 22"
  1 gre Mitasse 7" 10
[Septembre] 27 Payé a La fremiere 10
[Septembre] 28 3651/2 Boeuf a 10 s 182" 15
  Par un bon de M. monbrun  
  2 pr Soulier a 50 s 5"
[Septembre] 30 2" poudre a M. Rogen 8" 16
  8bre 4 363" 1/2 Boeuf a 10 s 181" 15
[Octobre] 10 365" Boeuf a 10 s 182" 10
[Octobre] 15 au Tabac chef Sauvages  
  2 mouchoirs soye 25
[Octobre] 20 1. gre mitasse a vu Chasseurnous 10"
[Octobre] 23 4 mains de papier a 5" 20"
  3" fer a 3" 9
9bre 1 3 Carottes tabac qu Lese Sauvages 15
[Novembre] 4 pour avoir Levé La Compaignie 500
[Novembre] 6 paye a M Roy 245 boeuf a 10 s 122" 10
[Novembre] 11 336" Boeuf a 10 s 168"
  paye pour La Cheminée du  
  Corps garde 80
  pour avoir recouvrir  
  La maison du fort 10
[Novembre] 12 payé a ste Marie 5 an serge52  
  rouge qu Le pavilion 9" 45"
  Paye a M Dajenett 3 an 3/4 serge  
  verte a 10" 37" 10
  paye a Madme goderre pour  
  Lafacon du pavilion 25"
  En L'autre Part L 1682

  • 49 This account was made out in duplicate by Bosseron in the Account Book. As the two records are almost identical, it has not seemed necessary to print both. The form given here is that of the second bill as the spelling seems somewhat clearer in places.
  • 50 The meaning of mitasse is not clear. It is possibly the phonetic spelling for mitraillea. The French Dictionary by Clifton, Grimeaux, & McLaughlin derives this word from mitaille, O.F. From mite, meaning a small coin. Mitasse seems more likely to be contraction of demi tasse.
  • 51Vinde is colloquial for vin doux, sweet wine.
  • 52 The items listed on November 12th are of general interest as they give all the facts available concerning the red and green flag raised by Madam Goderre, which is often confused with the American flag raised over Fort Sackville by Father Gibault. It should be noticed that Bosseron calls this Le pavilion, the pennant, or company banner. A national flag is called a drapeau. It was probably not made until late in the fall as It was not paid for until November.
March 29 1 small lance 5
April 23 1 pound of vermillion 20
April 27 Paid to J. Vodrill 5


[Nineteenth page]

1778 Furnished to Captain Helm for the Company of the States.

  Items as follows
September 25 1 large half-cup of [grape shot] which the interpreter [bought] 7 livres 10
  2 barrels sweet wine 22
  1 large half-cup of [grape-shot] 7 10
Sept. 27 Paid to Lafremiere 10
Sept. 28 365 1/2 pounds of beef at 10 s 182 livres 15
  By a check of M. Monbrun  
  2 prs shoes at 50 s 5 livres
Sept. 30 2 pounds of powder to M. Rogen 8 16
October 4 3631/2 pounds of beef at 10 s 181 livres 15
Oct. 10 365 pounds of beef at 10 s 182 livres 10
Oct. 15 To Tobacco, chief of the Indians  
  2 silk handkerchiefs 25 livres
Oct. 20 1 large half-cup of [grape-shot] to the order of our hunters 10 livres
Oct. 23 4 quires of paper at 5 livres 20 livres
  3 pounds arrow heads at 3 livres 9
November 1 3 rolls of tobacco for the Indians 15
Nov. 4 For having raised the Company 500
Nov. 6 Paid to M. Roy—245 pounds of beef at 10 s 122 livres 10
Nov. 11 336 pounds of beef at 10 s 168
  Paid for the chimney of the guard house 80
  For having repaired the house of the fort 10 livres
Nov. 12 Paid to St. Marie for 5 ells of red serge for the company flag 9 livres 45 livres
  Paid to M. Dajenett 33/4 ells of green serge at 10 livres 37 livres 10
  Paid to Madam Goderre for the making of the flag 25 livres
  To the next part 1682 livres

[Twentieth page]

1778 Rapporte de L'autre Part L 1682
9bre 13 40" Balles a 40 s 80"
[Novembre] 17 160" farine a 8 s 64"
  2 pots taffias a vu chef pians53 40"
[Novembre] 18 2 pots ditto aux outasias 20" 40"
[Novembre] 19 41/2 ditto aux Tabac chef  
  et Sa Bande 20 90"
  1 pot ditto a vu Loup chef 20
  1 Baril vinde 6
[Novembre] 21 1 Bouteille taffias qu vu Loup 10"
[Novembre] 22 1 pot ditto a deschasseurnous 20"
[Novembre] 24 2 pots ditto aux ouxyatanous 40"
[Novembre] 27 1 Bouteille ditto pour ditto 20"
  paye a Cardinal 389 Ire Boeuf a 10 s 194" 10
[Novembre] 28 1 Bouteille taffias nuvu chef 10
[Novembre] 29 10 Ires poudre a 8" 80"
[Novembre] 30 41/2 pots taffias qu des souleux 90"
  1 cochon 30
[Decembre] 1 1 Bouteille taffias a vu Chef. mis. 10 [livres]
  2 Bouteilles ditto aux chasseurnous 20
[Decembre] 2 2 pots et pinte taffias a vue  
  Band Sauvage Coux 20" 50
  402" Boeuf54 a 10 S 201
[Decembre] 3 2 pots taffias a des outasias 40
[Decembre] 4 1 pot ditto aux memes 20
  payé au sorgeron pour avoir  
  raccomoder Les fers 6
  Pour la facon de la gueritte 30
[Decembre] 8 3221/2 Boeuf a 10 s 161" 5
[Decembre] 11 5 pots taffias qe Les Pians 100
  1 Baril vinde 6
[Decembre] 12 1 not tassias aux ouyatanons 20
[Decembre] 13 126" a 10 s 63
  cy Contre 3233" 15

[Twenty first page]

1778 rapporte cy contre L 3233 15
[Decembre] 13 9 pots taffias pour les Couriers …. envoye aux Ouyas 20" 180
  6 Ire pains a 40 s 12"
  2 Barils vinde a [7 livres] 14

  • 53 It is interesting to notice the number of items recorded in this account from which it is evident that Captain Helm was making efforts to win the Indians around Vincennes to the American cause. There are twenty different entries of this nature.
  • 54 Bosseron provided over three thousand pounds of beef for the garrison of the fort during the period when held by American troops in 1778, and in many cases had to pay cash for it.

[Twentieth page]

1778 Carried from other part 1682 livres
November 13 40 pounds of balls 80 livres
Nov. 17 160 pounds of flour at 8 s 64 livres
  2 jugs of taffias for the chief of Pians 40 livres
Nov. 18 2 jugs [jars] ditto to the Outasis 20 livres 40 livres
Nov. 19 4 1/2 ditto to Tobacco, the chief and his band at 20 90 livres
  1 jug ditto to the Loup chief 20 livres
  1 barrel of sweet wine 6 livres
Nov. 21 1 bottle taffias for Loup 10 livres
Nov. 22 1 jug ditto to our hunters 20 livres
Nov. 24 2 jugs ditto to the Ouyatanous 40 livres
Nov. 27 1 bottle ditto for ditto 20 livres
Nov. 28 Paid to Cardinal 389 pounds of beef at 10 s 194 livres 10
Nov. 28 1 bottle taffias for the chief   10
Nov. 29 10 pounds powder at 8 livres   80 livres
Nov. 30 4% jugs of taffias for the Souteux 90 livres 1 pig 30 livres
December 1 1 bottle taffias for the chief of 10
  our allies 20
[Dec] 2 2 bottles ditto for our hunters  
  2 jugs and a pint for a band of savage Indian Coux 50
  402 pounds of beef at 10 s 201
[Dec] 3 2 jugs of taffias to some Outiasias 40
[Dec] 4 1 jug ditto to the same 20
  Paid to Corgeron for having repaired the arrows irons 6
  For the making of the guard house 30
[Dec] 8 3221/2 pounds of beef at 10 s 161 livres
[Dec] 11 5 jugs of taffias for the Pians 100
  1 barrel of sweet wine 6
[Dec] 12 1 jug of taffias to the Ouiatanons 20
[Dec] 13 126 pounds of beef at 10 s 63
  To the next account 3233 livres 15s

[Twenty first page]

1778 Carried from last account 3233 livres 15s
December 13 9 jugs of taffias for the couriers  
  sent to the Ouyas 20 livres 180
  6 pounds of bread at 40 s 12 livres
  2 barrels of sweet wine at 7 livres 14 livres
[Decembre] 14 5 pots et pinte taffias pour  
  Les Ouyatanons et les mis 20 110
  16" lard a 30 s 24 [livres]
  2" poudre a vu sauvage a 8 [livres] 16
[Decembre] 17 241 Boef a 10 s 120" 10
  150" poudre a 8" 1200
    4910" 5s

Avoir en argent55 40 piastres

recu La Balance du Compte cy dessus par

un ordre du Capne helm sur George Clark

Colonel Commandent aux Jlinois

La Somme de quartre mille Sept Cens dix

Livres Cinq Sols au fort st Vincenne

Le 14 Janvier 1779.56

  • 55 The value of a piastre is shown to be five livres or one dollar, since 40 piastres are given as equivalent to 200 livres.
  • 56 It seems almost certain that this account of Bosseorn's is the one numbered No. 5 in the Proceedings of the Virginia House of Delegates and that "Bill of Exchange No. 9" is the order upon General Clark mentioned here. There are two discrepancies. The date given here is January 14, 1779, and that given in the discussion of Bill of Exchange No. 9 is November 19, 1779. The amounts differ somewhat also. Bill of Exchange No. 9 is for 1067 dollars; the amount due here is 5710 livres and five sous, or $942.05. On the other hand, this is the only certified account of which we know Bosseron sent to the Virginia House of Delegates. It is certain that no money was available for paying Clark's bills in 1779. It is quite probable that Bosseron was called on to provide additional supplies for the garrison during 1779, and that these were added to the earlier account.
[Dec] 14 5 jugs and a pint of taffias for the Ouitanons and the allies at 20 110 livres
  16 pounds of bacon at 30 s 24
  2 pounds of powder for the Indians 16
[Dec] 17 241 pounds of beef at 10 s 1120 livres 10
  150 pounds of powder at 8 livres 1200
    4910 livres 5s

Received in silver 40 piastres 200 livres

Received the balance of the account above by an order of Capt. Helm on George Clark, Colonel commanding in Illinois the sum of four thousand seven hundred ten livres and five sols at the Fort St. Vincent January 14, 1779.

Published by the Indiana University Department of History.