Title Reviewed:
A History of the Jewish People

Author Reviewed:
Max L. Margolis; Alexander Mark

[Author Unknown]


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 471-472

Article Type:
Book Review

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A History of the Jewish People. By MAX L. MARGOLIS and ALEXANDER MARK. Philadelphia, The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1927. Pp. 752.

The authors, Max Margolis of Dropsie College and Alexander Mark of the Jewish Theological College, are two of the most distinguished scholars in the Jewish world. The period covered by the volume is "From Creation to the Present." That it is divided into five books and ninety-eight chapters gives one some idea of the details. Twenty-five pages of chronological charts in a way unites the vast expanse and sixteen maps in colors give some idea of the dispersion. There is no intention here of going into a detailed criticism of the book. It is done after the best standards of historical scholarship. It is a marvelous story of a gifted people but the final effect is extremely depressing. Persecution, massacre and dazzling prosperity follow in such swift succession that one must remember he is reading of civilized human beings. Bloody feuds, assassination go hand in hand with devotion, religion, patriotism and philosophy. One wonders what it all can mean and whether it is or has been worth while. Is their religion the cause or result of their persecution? And will it live without persecution? Has it helped or hindered their own development? A blessing or a curse to the world? One can only wonder. There seems no answer.

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