Annals of Crime

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Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 111-111

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Annals of Crime

There have recently appeared a number of volumes passing as biographies of noted criminals. Best known of these perhaps is The Rise and Fall of Jesse James, by Robertus Love, a newspaper man of St. Louis. The author modestly admits that his book is ninety-nine per cent accurate and one hundred per cent honest. Without entering into a detailed criticism it may be suggested that he has made the hero entirely too honorable. Mr. James was quite too strong-minded to be such a weak creature of circumstances.

An equally futile attempt has been made in a recent True Story of Charles W. Quantrell and His Guerrilla Band. Fortunately W. E. Connelly of the Kansas State Historical Society has given us a reliable account of the monster.

Mr. Wilstach has inflicted on the public another edition of Wild Bill. He has succeeded in reducing somewhat the number of his killings but Mr. Hickock still remains entirely too handy with his ivory handled pistols.

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