Title Reviewed:
Annals of Benton County

Author Reviewed:
Elmore Barce

Clarence A. Hoffman


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 110-110

Article Type:
Book Review

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Annals of Benton County. By ELMORE BARCE, The Benton Review Shop. Fowler, Indiana, 134 pp., 1925.

This little book is the first of a series of articles on Benton county, Indiana, by one of its leading citizens, Elmore Barce, an attorney of Fowler. While the title is somewhat misleading, and the work is distinctly more literary than historical, the author has attempted a very worthy purpose; namely, a contribution to his own county. Since he could scarcely hope for its circulation very far beyond the limits of the county, the work evidently is not undertaken primarily for profit.

The first part of the volume is pure history, cleverly written in a unique and individual style, with acknowledgment and reference to source material throughout; the latter part is a picturesque treatise of the early agricultural development of the county. As the work progresses the author apparently has some trouble in staying with his avowed purpose, at times approaching the sentimental and the dramatics; for example, in the dialogue between Annie Ellsworth and Professor Morse.

In general, the work is a sympathetic treatment of the subject by one who is singularly fitted for the task, and the writer heartily recommends the little volume to every reader in Benton county, indeed, to all those who reside in that section of the State known as "The Grand Prairie."


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