Title Reviewed:
An Account of Fulton County From Its Organization

Author Reviewed:
Henry A. Barnhart

C. L. Kuhn


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 378-379

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Book Review

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An Account of Fulton County From Its Organization, edited by HENRY A. BARNHART, Dayton, O., 1923, pp. 305.

This history was edited by Hon. A. Barnhart of Rochester, Indiana, and ex-congressman from the Thirteenth Indiana district and a life long citizen of Fulton county. He is a man well qualified to edit such a history—a fact well proven after a close examination of the volume.

It contains twelve chapters dealing with the geology and topography of the county, its early settlement, its organization, its transportation, its military life, its educational record, manufacturing and commerce, its physicians and public health, church and welfare work, a history of Akron and Henry town- ship, written by Mrs. Ina Brundredge, a very capable lady and a life long citizen of the township, and a portion of the book is devoted to biographical history of some of the prominent persons in the county.

The history contains neither an index or a preface. Many books are being written however in these days without prefaces, but an index to a book is very essential and should be included even in the face of additional cost.

This county history has done and will do all that a history of this type is supposed to do; namely, give local citizens, who so desire, a chance to give the history of themselves and families to the public in written form, and to preserve the record of the history of the county, as well as to stimulate an interest therein by the residents and citizens of this political unit.

It contains a photograph of the editor on a front page and a plate between pages forty-eight and forty-nine showing the county courthouse and a memorial tablet made in honor of the Fulton County Sons who gave their lives in the World War. The book is neatly bound in blue buckram and is of the same style both internally and externally as is the History of Indiana, of which it forms Volume III. The Fulton County History is made to sell in a set with this particular History of Indiana.


Published by the Indiana University Department of History.