Title Reviewed:
A History of Missouri

Author Reviewed:
Eugene Morrow Vlolette

Robert D. Williams


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 358-359

Article Type:
Book Review

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A History of Missouri. By EUGENE MORROW VlOLETTE, Professor of History, State Normal School, Kirksville, Missouri. (D. C. Heath & Company, Boston, New York, Chicago, 1918, xxxiii + 500.)

The purpose of the author in writing a history of Missouri was to give Missourians a knowledge of history of their own state in a single brief, interesting volume. The state itself has had a history of unusual interest and ranks high in contributing to our national development. The plan of the book is different from many histories in that it lays little stress upon events in chronological order. Little space is given to events that were strictly local, but those topics that have signficance in national history are emphasized.

The author seems to emphasize the early history of Missouri as being more important, for no less than eighteen out of twenty-three chapters are given to the period from the beginning of colonization, about the middle of the eighteenth century, up to and including the Civil war. The beginning chapters are given to the times when the territory belonged to France. These are followed by the period of settling and western migration, the purchase of the territory from France and the expedition of Lewis and Clark. The struggle for admission into the Union is narrated at length, and this is followed by chapters on the Mexican and Civil wars, emphasizing the part played by Missourians. Several chapters in the fore part of the book and all the closing ones are given over to economic and social development of the state. Throughout the book the author does honor to the leading personages of the state and to the deeds accomplished by them. The author uses numerous marginal topics, and an extensive table of contents and a good index. A bibliography completes the reading matter, the author having drawn freely from the works of many writers. Maps, charts and illustrations appear quite frequently, and these, together with the simplicity of the language, make the book a very interesting and useful one to be used either as a text or book of reference.


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