Title Reviewed:
Annual Report of Auditor of State for the Year Ending September 30, 1916

Author Reviewed:
Dale J. Crittenberger

[Author Unknown]


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 201-202

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Book Review

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Annual Report of Auditor of State for the Year Ending September 30, 1916. By DALE J. CRITTENBERGER, Auditor of State, pp. 1,860. (The auditor's report 100 years earlier consisted of two pages.) Fort Wayne.

THIS extensive volume is not paged consecutively but consists of six individual reports, paged and indexed separately. The first 52 pages are devoted to the office as a whole, containing the tables of receipts and disbursements of the State. The total receipts for the year were $13,154,310.27; expenses, $12,046,637.13, leaving a balance of $1,042,083.30. The Report of the Insurance Department occupies 428 pages; Building and Loan Department 419 pages; Bank Department 295 pages; Proceedings of the State Board of Tax Commissioners 547 pages; and the Biennial Report of Indiana State Board of Tax Commissioners 119 pages. One of the most interesting tables is the Abstract of the Tax Duplicate for 1915, in the last report, giving value of lands, improvements, mortgages, and railroads for State and counties. The total real estate value is $1,364,780,930; of railroads is $219,496,631. Seven new banks and ten trust companies were organized during the year. There were 389 State banks, 201 private banks, 157 trust companies, 5 Savings Banks, 1 Mortgage Guarantee Company, with a capital stock of $34,520,550 and over $238,-000,000 on deposit, and over $203,000,000 loaned out. A list of banks by counties is given and a financial statement of each. A list of the insurance companies shows a capital stock of $222,000,000 and resources of $64,000,000.

Published by theĀ Indiana University Department of History.