Concerning the Hoosier: An Appreciation

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Charles M. Walker


The evolution of the twentieth century "Hoosier" furnishes an interesting sociological study. Perhaps, as the question affects the people of an entire commonwealth, it might be termed a racial problem rather than a sociological study. For although the twentieth century Hoosier is a distinct product, sui generis, he is more impressive in mass than he is as a separate entity. Not that he lacks individuality, for that is one of his strong points, but because a certain innate modesty, due perhaps to conscious merit, prevents him from appearing to so decided advantage in his individual capacity as he does in his communal relation. As mere man he is not remarkably differentiated from other men, but as a citizen of Indiana he expands wonderfully. In and of himself he is not an extraordinary person, but with his State for a background he is many times magnified.

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