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Agley, Jon, Indiana University (United States)
Albritton, Robyn Elise, University of Georgia (United States)
Armoo, Alexander K., Strayer University (United States)
Ayer, Nadina, University of Waterloo (Canada)


Barrick, Simon John, University of Waterloo (Canada)


Caneday, Lowell, Oklahoma State University (United States)
Clifford, Dakota, Old Dominion University


Di Giovanni, Vicki I, Indiana University - Bloomington (Canada)
Duffy, Lauren Nicole, Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies School of Public Health - Bloomington Indiana University


Editorial Board, Illuminare (United States)
Editorial Board, Illuminare
Editors, Illuminare, Indiana University


Farmer, James, Indiana University (United States)


Garrick, Arlene M., University of Waterloo (Canada)
Gassman, Ruth, Indiana University (United States)
Goff, Jennifer, Old Dominion University (United States)
Goff, Jennifer Ellen, Old Dominion University (United States)
Gomez, Edwin, Old Dominion University
Green, Gary T., Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism Program Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources The University of Georgia 180 E. Green St., Athens, GA 30602-2151 (United States)
Green, Gary T., The University of Georgia (United States)
Green, Gary T., University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Gregory, Nicole, Norfolk Public Schools
Gristwood, Jennifer (United States)


Hill, Eddie, Old Dominion University (United States)
Howard, Ryan, Brock University (Canada)

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