Published: 2015-04-16

The Purpose and Value for Students of PBL Groups for Learning

Vicki J. Skinner, Annette Braunack-Mayer, Tracey A Winning


Social Constructivism and Case-Writing for an Integrated Curriculum

Alison F. Doubleday, Blase Brown, Philip A. Patston, Pamela Jurgens-Toepke, Meaghan Driscoll Strotman, Anne Koerber, Colin Haley, Charlotte Briggs, G. William Knight


The Validation of the Active Learning in Health Professions Scale

Rebecca Kammer, Laurie Schreiner, Young K. Kim, Aurora Denial


A Qualitative Study on How Health Professional Students and Their PBL Facilitators Perceive the Use of Mobile Devices During PBL

Lap Ki Chan, Susan M. Bridges, Iain Doherty, Manwa L. Ng, Jun Jin, Neel Sharma, Nam Kiu Chan, Henrietta Yan Yu Lai


Online Searching in PBL Tutorials

Jun Jin, Susan M. Bridges, Michael G. Botelho, Lap Ki Chan