Strengthening the Comprehension Processes in Medical Students: Applying Problem-Based Learning Accompanied by the Reasoning Procedural Map

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Katherina Edith Gallardo
Adrian Valle
Angelica Saldaña


A study was conducted on the cognitive processes involved in the steps of Problem-Based Learning and the way this pedagogical approach is applied in the health sciences. The objective was to identify the cognitive process related to student comprehension and its connection with the work done when studying a discipline through Problem-Based Learning. A case study was undertaken with a total of 30 students and the support of an interdisciplinary team composed of a physician and two professionals in the field of education. An information organizer was designed to help students work with problem scenarios. From its initial application, the students were satisfied with its usefulness, and they provided feedback to improve its format and extend its applicability to other disciplines. It was concluded that not only it is possible to integrate hybrid models in Problem-Based Learning but also to include variants and auxiliary tools that arise from the cognitive demands and the information management needs of the students, thus favouring the study and the preservation of knowledge.

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