Teachers’ Readiness for a Statewide Change to PjBL in Primary Education in Qatar

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Xiangun Du
Youmen Chaaban


This study investigated the readiness of teachers towards implementing project-based learning (PjBL), mandated by a top-down policy at the national level, in Qatari government primary schools. With multiple qualitative data, the study reported a lack of readiness among teachers at the initial stage of change. Despite good intentions, the change message was not successfully communicated to the change recipients, i.e., teachers. Teachers’ lack of understanding of PjBL served as a major reason for difficulties encountered, including their low confidence in implementing PjBL and their inability to recognize the appropriateness or acknowledge its potential benefits. Nevertheless, teachers from a supportive school environment reported positive attitudes and perceptions of valence. Accordingly, system support and effective professional development are crucial for teacher readiness to implement PjBL.

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