Published: 2020-02-03

Design Challenges for Science Games:

The Case of a Quantum Mechanics Game

Aditya Anupam, Ridhima Gupta, Shubhangi Gupta, Zhendong Li, Nora Hong, Azad Naeemi, Nassim Parvin


Rural Teachers Learning Bioanalytical Engineering

Design and Development of ‎Learning, Transfer, and Communication Supports for Rural Secondary Math and ‎Science Teachers

Patricia L Hardré, Mark A. Nanny‎, Shaida Morales, Regina Kenton, Laura Lewis, Shichen Guo, Qianuyun Peng, Hui Xu


Designing an Aesthetic Learner Experience: UX, Instructional Design, and Design Pedagogy

Colin M. Gray, Paul Parsons, Austin L. Toombs, Nancy Rasche, Mihaela Vorvoreanu


Design Features of an Effective and Theoretically Grounded Training Program for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in the Life Sciences

Seth K. Thompson, Julie Brown, Sehoya Cotner, Jonathan Andicoechea, FangFang Zhao, Gillian Roehrig


The Lightboard: Expectations and Experiences

Sarah McCorkle, Paul Whitener


Collaborative Design Reasoning in a Large Interdisciplinary Learning Tool Design Project

Feiya Luo, Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko, Natercia Valle, Emily Sessa, Gordon Burleigh, Lorena Endara, Stuart McDaniel, Sarah Carey, E. Christine Davis