Emergency Remote Delivery—Rapid Resilience at a Trade School in the Utility Industry

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Jeroen Breman
Kristin Oostra
Charity Bosch
Jason Kaiser


This case describes the move to emergency remote delivery of classroom instruction at Northwest Lineman College (NLC), a private trade school focusing on educating the utility industry workforce. In particular, this case will describe the artifacts developed and critical design decisions the ad-hoc project team made to continue educating students in the Electrical Lineworker Programs at four locations across the USA at the start of the coronavirus crisis.


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Breman, J., Oostra, K., Bosch, C., & Kaiser, J. (2021). Emergency Remote Delivery—Rapid Resilience at a Trade School in the Utility Industry. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 12(1), 102–111. https://doi.org/10.14434/ijdl.v12i1.31302
Designing for Learning in a Pandemic
Author Biographies

Jeroen Breman, Northwest Lineman College

Jeroen Breman is a senior curriculum instructional designer in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment division at NLC. His interests include the cross-cultural design of instruction, online learning, and bridging learning sciences and instructional design.

Kristin Oostra, Northwest Lineman College

Kristin Oostra is vice president of education in NLC’s Department of Education. Her interests include online learning, instructional design, content development, and servant leadership.

Charity Bosch, Northwest Lineman College

Charity Bosch is a curriculum instructional design lead in NLC’s Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment division. Her interests include online learning and academic-training hybrid program development.

Jason Kaiser, Northwest Lineman College

Jason Kaiser is the supervisor of educational technology in NLC’s Department of Education. His interests include leveraging technology in a rapid and changing environment while providing a benchmark experience for our students.