Integrating Classroom Video Cases into a Teaching Methods Course A two-year journey of Curriculum Redesign

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Sungwon Shin
Thomas A. Brush
John W. Saye
Zhizhen Zhang


This design case illustrates a three-semester-long curricular and instructional design project focusing on the design and implementation of a technology-enhanced case-based learning experience for pre-service teachers within a teaching methods course. This case highlights the iterative process that a teacher educator and an instructional designer went through to integrate technology-enhanced cases into a methods course and connect them to other aspects of the course experiences, as well as the teacher education program in general. The first part of this case provides an overview of the project, the designers and their personal objectives, design context, information on the online environment and case materials, and ideas, challenges, and differences of the designers shared before the actual design process. The second part of this case presents each phase of our design from the first to the final semester, including the discussions of our goals, issues, results, and reflections.

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Shin, S., Brush, T., Saye, J., & Zhang, Z. (2019). Integrating Classroom Video Cases into a Teaching Methods Course. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 10(1), 35-52.
Author Biographies

Sungwon Shin, Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Sungwon Shin is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock.

Thomas A. Brush, Indiana University Bloomington

Thomas A. Brush is the Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology and a professor for the Department of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, Bloomington.

John W. Saye, Auburn University

John W. Saye is Mildred Cheshire Fraley Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the College of Education, Auburn University, Auburn.

Zhizhen Zhang, Beijing Normal University

Zhizhen Zhang is a lecturer in the School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, China.