A Design Case for Implementing a Collaborative Strategy for Online Teams

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Funda Ergulec
Janet Mannheimer Zydney


This paper describes a half semester long curricular and instructional design project focusing on the design and implementation of a collaborative strategy into a fully online graduate class in adult education. The purposeful group assignment and team building strategy, collectively called the collaborative strategy, represents an instructional approach designed to increase the effectiveness of online collaborative learning. In this context, students are strategically assigned to teams based on their study habits, and they participate in several team-building activities designed to maintain the collaborative learning. This paper presents critical design decisions made during the course development, the reasons for those decisions, failures in which the design did not work as planned, and a reflection on the design.

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Ergulec, F., & Mannheimer Zydney, J. (2019). A Design Case for Implementing a Collaborative Strategy for Online Teams. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 10(1), 25-34. https://doi.org/10.14434/ijdl.v10i1.24120
Author Biographies

Funda Ergulec, Osmangazi University

Funda Ergulec is a post-doctoral researcher in computer education and instructional technology department at Osmangazi University. Her research interests include instructional design strategies and development of e-learning environments.

Janet Mannheimer Zydney, University of Cincinnati

Janet Mannheimer Zydney is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati in instructional design and technology. Her research interests include scaffolding in e-learning environments to improve students’ critical thinking.