Developing Multi-Disciplinary Skills through a Course in Educational Software Design

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Marisa Exter


This design case covers a graduate course in educational software design that focuses on semester-long projects in response to client requests. The course was intended to address the need for professionals across disciplines, such as instructional design, computer science, and human-computer interaction design, to usefully collaborate on educational software projects. The ability to work on a multi-disciplinary team was fostered in several ways: through recruiting students across multiple majors; providing readings and student presentation topics related to language, processes, and techniques used by each discipline; and by scaffolding the work of multi-disciplinary student groups in a major semester-long project.

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Exter, M. (2018). Developing Multi-Disciplinary Skills through a Course in Educational Software Design. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 9(1), 49-79.
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Marisa Exter, Purdue University, College of Education

Marisa Exter is an Assistant Professor of Learning Design and Technology within the department of Curriculum and Instruction at Purdue University.  She holds Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and a PhD in Instructional Systems Design.  Much of her research focuses on design education, 21st century skill development, and multi-/transdisciplinary learning experiences.