Designing a Makerspace for Pre- and In-Service Teachers

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Marguerite Koole
Jordan Epp
Kerry Anderson
Robert Hepner
Mohammad Hossain


Many educators view makerspaces as a means of increasing student engagement in K-12 classrooms. As faculty and staff of the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, we have noted low comfort levels in using and experimenting with technology. For this reason, we decided to create a place in which pre-service teachers could test and discuss technologies that they could eventually use in their teaching practice. Our endeavor eventually morphed into a space for current teachers, student teachers, technical support staff, faculty members, and interested community members. Having piloted workshops for six months, we are now evaluating our decisions and shaping new approaches for the current academic year. Our main challenges include ensuring inclusivity across age, gender, and culture; adopting suitable facilitation styles; and ensuring the workshops lead to useful discussions of technology and teaching practice.

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Koole, M., Epp, J., Anderson, K., Hepner, R., & Hossain, M. (2017). Designing a Makerspace for Pre- and In-Service Teachers. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 8(1).
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Marguerite Koole, University of Saskatchewan

Marguerite Koole is an Assistant Professor in Educational Technology and Design at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.