Designing Authentic and Engaging Personas for Open Education Resources Designers

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John Baaki
Jennifer Maddrell
Eric Stauffer


To guide designers developing open education resources for adults preparing for a high school equivalency exam, we developed six authentic personas that represented adults without high school diplomas. Our goal was to assist open education resources designers to develop empathy toward their learners and place themselves in their learners’ shoes. The purpose of this design case is to share our journey in designing, constructing, and integrating authentic personas for the open education resources designers.

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Baaki, J., Maddrell, J., & Stauffer, E. (2017). Designing Authentic and Engaging Personas for Open Education Resources Designers. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 8(2).
Author Biographies

John Baaki, Old Dominion University

John Baaki is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design & Technology at Old Dominion University. His research interests are how persona construction, reflection-in-action, and taking stock in external representations affect instructional and human performance design.

Jennifer Maddrell, Designers for Learning

Jennifer Maddrell is the founder of Designers for Learning, a nonprofit that coordinates service-learning opportunities. She is also an instructional design consultant.

Eric Stauffer, James Madison University

Eric Stauffer is the Director of Instruction and Instructional Design with Libraries and Education Technology (LET ) at James Madison University. Eric is also an adjunct instructor in the Online Educational Technology M.Ed. program at James Madison University and is completing his doctoral work in Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech.