Using Open-Source Tools to Design and Develop the Online Component of a Blended-Learning, Instructor-Led Course

Ioan G. Ionas, Matthew A. Easter, William H. Miller, Gayla M. Neumeyer


In the design case presented, an online component was designed for an existing introductory energy course targeted at providing pathways to employment in the utility industry. The online component included testing modules, scenario based assessments, and reading materials. The existing pencil and paper course was now to be an instructor-led, blended-learning course. While technologies have advanced in recent years, the question of how to blend computer technology with sound instructional design practices is very much alive and may be even more important when targeting content portability. This paper explores the challenges faced when attempting to use open-source applications in the design, development, and deployment of the online component of this course when primary objectives are outreach, access, portability of content, and ease of future updates.


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