Customizing Students' Learning Experiences while Designing an Online Course

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Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez
Larysa Nadolny


This design case illustrates an innovative research-based pedagogical approach to customizing students’ learning experiences in an online course. We centered the course design on the experiential learning model which fosters student’s learning through a reexamination and integration of their current knowledge with new and refined knowledge (Kolb, 1984, 2015). Through experiential learning we better served the purpose of the course because it provided opportunities that involved concrete and hands-on experiences with real life activities/projects, reflection on learning, and learning gains. Further, we incorporated elements of game design to transform the learning space into a study and play alternative, where students enhanced their learning and performance and benefited from study work that was engaging, productive, and pleasant (Prensky, 2001).

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Jaramillo Cherrez, N., & Nadolny, L. (2017). Customizing Students’ Learning Experiences while Designing an Online Course. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 8(2).
Author Biographies

Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Iowa State University

Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez is a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instructional Technology in the School of Education at Iowa State University. Her research interests focus on the intersection of educational technology, online learning, and instructional design.

Larysa Nadolny, Iowa State University

Larysa Nadolny is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education and a faculty member in the Human Computer Interaction program. She has taught instructional technology courses in higher education for the past 10 years in online and blended formats. Her research interests focus on the use of immersive technologies and game-based learning for teaching and learning in K-20 education.