From Takeoff to Landing: Looking at the Design Process for the Development of NASA Blast at Thanksgiving Point

Stephen Ashton, Anne M. Foisy, Richard Marwedel, J. Aaron Popham, Keith R. Proctor, Daniel L. Randall, Isaku Tateishi, Carrie A. Thompson, Andrew S. Gibbons


In this article we discuss the process of design used to develop and design the NASA Blast exhibition at Thanksgiving Point, a museum complex in Lehi, Utah. This was a class project for the Advanced Instructional Design Class at Brigham Young University. In an attempt to create a new discourse (Krippendorff, 2006) for Thanksgiving Point visitors and staff members, the design class used a very fluid design approach by utilizing brainstorming, researching, class member personas, and prototyping to create ideas for the new exhibition. Because of the nature of the experience, the design class developed their own techniques to enhance the process of their design. The result of the design was a compelling narrative that brought all the elements of the exhibition together in a cohesive piece.

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